IN May 2023?

“How We Repurpose Client Content to Win New Biz”

11am, Wednesday 3rd May 2023

  • Finding a balance between servicing your existing clients and finding new ones is tough.
  • But what if you could combine the two?
  • In this session, Katy Howell, MD of Immediate Future shares how her agency repurposes client content and case studies to win new business – with a little help from automation.

State of the Nation

2pm, Thursday 4th May 2023

  • As we approach the six-month (or so) mark of the year, we wanted to check-in and see how you’re doing.
  • Have the last few months been plain sailing? Or have you come up against some unexpected challenges?
  • Come along to this quarter’s State of the Nation and reflect on how this year is going so far – and discuss with others in the same boat.

“I Made Myself Dispensable, and It Empowered My Team”

11am, Wednesday 10th May 2023

  • When Louise Palmer was put on the transplant list, she knew she needed to make herself indispensable.
  • After being away for three months, she came back to find her team were much more self-sufficient.
  • Come along and hear from Louise about how she instilled this mindset in her team, while stepping off the hamster wheel at the same time.

CLIENT SIDE: Why Are Clients So Slow?

11am, Thursday 11th May 2023

  • It’s been a common question of recent times: why are clients just so slow?
  • Claire Jules-Saffu, head of paid media at Curated Digital, has recently re-entered the agency space after spending over a decade client side.
  • She’ll be joining this month’s client services mastermind to help make sense of your client conundrums.

New Leaders’ Hangout

10am, Friday 12th May 2023

  • A lot of our members are taking the reins right now – but it’s a tricky cross to bear.
  • How can you fill your founder’s shoes and assert yourself as a leader, in your own way? How are you adapting to the challenges that come with leadership?
  • This is a space for you to chat about your wins and worries in a safe space with others going through it too.

HR & PEOPLE MASTERMIND: Navigating Agency Life as a Parent

2pm, Tuesday 16th May 2023

  • What’s the reality of working in an agency as a parent?
  • How can you better support the mums and dads in your team – whilst keeping it fair for everyone else?
  • We’ll be having a candid discussion about this in our monthly HR & people mastermind.

HOT POTATO: Should You Be Charging for Pitching?

11am, Wednesday 17th May 2023

  • On one hand, pitching is a whole lot of effort for a piece of business that isn’t fully guaranteed.
  • On the other, clients might not consider you at all if you add another extra charge. Does anyone have the answer?
  • So, should we put a price tag on the pitching process? Let’s debate!

CFO SURGERY: Making Your Data Work for You

2pm, Thursday 18th May 2023

  • There is a LOT of data out there – so how can you make it work for you?
  • Do you have ‘one single source of truth’? Do you have certain metrics you want to focus on? And what data do you REALLY need?
  • Pam Phillips, founder and MD of de Jong Phillips, is on hand to help you go beyond the spreadsheet.

PPC LEADERS: “Overhauling Our Sales Strategy Led to Record Growth”

4pm, Thursday 18th May 2023

  • Client expectations are always important – but sometimes, things can be overpromised.
  • This is the situation Poppy Court and her paid media team at StrategiQ were facing, with things being promised to clients that they couldn’t deliver on – or sometimes were just not possible.
  • Hear from Poppy on how the agency’s strategy overhaul over the last 12 months has improved their relationship with clients and their expectations of the agency, and the record growth it has helped them achieve too.

MARKETING & NEW BIZ MASTERMIND: How Should You Market to a Gen Z Audience?

11am, Tuesday 23rd May 2023

  • There are a lot of preconceptions about a Gen Z audience.
  • So when it comes to marketing to them, how can you do this in a way that is authentic and actually works?
  • We’ll be talking to Rupert Rixon from Perspective Pictures, and Amy Clamp from Beatfreeks, about tackling the Gen Z ‘conundrum’.

CLOCKWORK: “How We Keep Our Processes and Knowledge Fresh and Useful”

4pm, Wednesday 24th May 2023

  • Ella Cooper already had a beautiful set of processes at Eleven Marketing that covered everything, and it was all in one place.
  • However, over time she noticed that the system was starting to decay – including the agency’s trust in it.
  • Hear from Ella on how she rebuilt the agency’s processes and knowledge management to restore trust and efficiency.

LINKEDIN MASTERMIND: Are You Connected to the Right People?

11am, Thursday 25th May 2023

  • Do you have ‘connection criteria’ for LinkedIn requests?
  • If LinkedIn is where your community is, is it made up of the right people? Or is it time for a purge?
  • Join this open discussion to hear what others have to say about connecting with people on LinkedIn and pose your questions to the group. 

INVESTING IN PURPOSE: “How We Grew Our Agency by Donating 20% of Our Profits

11am, Tuesday 30th May 2023

  • Purpose can be hard to prioritise – but it’s a great new business generator for agencies.
  • Could it help you win your dream clients?
  • In this session, Heather Murray shares why she set up her agency to contribute to her passion project, and how her purpose-driven work has helped the business double in size each year.