Thurs 25 May 2023 11:00am UK time

Do you have ‘Connection Criteria’ for LinkedIn requests?

When Facebook first came around, most people would accept friend requests from just about anybody. 

But over time – as newsfeeds became cluttered with quizzes, memes and other nonsense – users began culling their connections, and prioritising those that really mattered. 

It seems we’re at a similar crossroads with LinkedIn. 

As you become more seen on the platform, you get a flurry of connection requests from users all over the globe. And you often end up with a platform full of people you don’t know, who you have just snippets in common with.

But if LinkedIn is where your community is, is it made up of the right people?

We’ll be talking about this in our monthly LinkedIn mastermind:

  • Is it time for a purge of your connections?
  • Could your posts be reaching the wrong people?
  • How do you decide whether someone is worth connecting with or not?
  • Is a low connection rate necessarily a bad thing for your role?

Join this open discussion to hear what others have to say about connecting with people on LinkedIn and pose your questions to the group.