What people say

We asked some of our members to tell us why they are part of Agency Hackers.

“Being part of Agency Hackers has been a hugely positive experience…”

“…both for my own personal development as well as the progression of the agency. It’s exposed us to new ideas and different ways of thinking that we just wouldn’t have come across via any other medium.”

Tom Shurville, Managing Director – Distinctly

“Agency Hacker events are one of a kind – they are properly authentic get togethers, with exactly the sort of agency owners you want to hear from.”

“People are open & honest, not peddling you some latest fake success story. Running an agency is hard, and everyone turns up in that mindframe – it’s not some petty competition. I’ve found them hugely valuable, both for the sheer breadth of topics I’ve heard about, to Ian’s class MC’ing of the event bringing humour and grace to the entire piece. Highly recommend to anyone who genuinely gives a sh** about the future of their agency.”

Kate Ross, Managing Director – eight&four

“Agency Hackers events are like a touring private members’ club for agency leaders.”

“Luxurious relaxed surroundings, with other people around you who do the same job as you and understand the challenges. There’s no need to be ‘on’, you can relax and speak openly and honestly with people who get it, and will be equally open and honest with you. It’s the best way to grow yourself as a leader, as well as to simply be reassured that you’re doing okay.”

Steve Parks, Managing Director – Convivio

“Agency Hackers is insightful on so many levels, for my business partner & myself.”

“Hearing from other agency leaders, throughout a super-relevant agenda, was a very valuable and we have certainly taken ideas back to Sherpa that have now been implemented. Agency Hackers combines great levels of networking with other agencies and sharing the odd war story.”

Tom Perry, Founder & CEO – Sherpa

“There is a community feel with plenty of generous sharing from members.”

“The Agency Hackers team really knows what we need as agency founders. The events are always covering the right topics with real insights and learnings.”

Emma Sexton, Founder & CEO – Hands Down Agency

“The Agency Hackers team always manage to find incredibly interesting topics, people and ideas to discuss.”

“Unlike other similar groups, the focus is always based around learning, understanding and just sharing stories. I’ve picked up many ideas to think about and try in Adido over that time which has helped me, my team and clients to improve and progress. There is real honesty and caring in what Agency Hackers does and stands for which makes me pleased & glad to be part of it.”

Andy Headington, CEO – Adido

“I’m so glad to get involved with Agency Hackers.”

“You and your team often feel alone in your own little agency bubble – you against the world – and then Agency Hackers offers up an engaging community where you can trade war stories and gain new ideas. Or most importantly offer something back that might help someone else mature their business. There are fierce, probing questions, but equally pointed and honest answers. It never feels like anything is off the table.”

Glen Duncan, Operations Director – 383 Project