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CLIENT SERVICES MASTERMIND: Why Should You Think About Niching Down?

11am, Tuesday 4th September 2024

  • “I remember I was sitting with a large glass of wine with a spreadsheet open, trying to work out when we were going to run out of money.” This was how Pete Heslop, founder of Steadfast Collective, spent one evening during lockdown. What followed was a mental health crisis. Something had to change.
  • And so, the direction and structure of the Steadfast changed drastically. Most notable was their decision to niche down, focusing on community. “I think going niche has been a bit of a saving grace,” explains Pete. “It’s made me love my job again and it means we’re building the sort of projects our team really care about.”
  • Join us for our next client services mastermind, where Pete will tell the story of how niching down saved his company, and how the clients they’ve acquired actually mean something to them!

HR & PEOPLE MASTERMIND: How Can AI Bolster Inclusivity?

2pm, Wednesday 11th September 2024

  • “I think there’s a huge job for HR to make sure people are using and upskilling in AI, rather than just avoiding it,” says Lizzie Boyd, director at The Pod HR.
  • With AI making waves throughout the industry, it’s time for HR departments to get themselves in on the action. Lizzie Boyd has been creatively integrating AI into her HR practices for a while now. But don’t forget, just because it’s AI, it doesn’t make the HR department any less human. “If you want to be truly inclusive, and you also want to be doing the right thing, it’s about putting people first and making it human,” says Lizzie.
  • Join us for this HR & people mastermind, where Lizzie will delve into how she’s using AI in HR to boost efficiency and inclusion in the workplace, and will explore how you can do it too.

TECHNICAL MASTERMIND: How Can You Make Client Contracts Smoother?

11am, Thursday 12th September 2024

  • “There’s this massive disconnect between how businesses actually operate commercially and their legal agreements. They think of them as completely separate entities,” says Alistair Wells, founder and director of Tend Legal.
  • As agency folks, you love the creative stuff. No one really likes to dwell on those long, cumbersome, jargon-filled contracts, do they? Sadly, we all know how important they are. But how can you make them less of a hindrance – and make the legal part of client work smoother too?
  • In this session, Alistair is on hand to help you figure this out. Join us as we try to make the legal side of agency life a little easier – and a bit less of a headache.

AI WHISPERERS: The Importance of Bespoke AI Tools and Platforms

11am, Wednesday 18th September 2024

  • “AI is coming for our jobs, so let’s all do something about it,” says Kate Ross, founder of eight&four. And do something they did. At eight&four, they’ve been developing their own bespoke AI tools over the last couple of years. The aim? To streamline client services on both sides. 
  • Now, Kate’s agency has four tools integrated into a single user interface. “With a lot of AI stuff, you’d jump off a few platforms. What we wanted to do was centralise that,” says Kate. “Our bespoke tools are client-specific and customised to each individual client’s way of working. This also gives complete customisation to clients’ workflows, which is imperative.” 
  • In this month’s AI Whisperers, Kate will be telling us how the agency created their bespoke AI interface, why it’s important to investigate and create something like this, and the positive effects it has had on client-agency relationships.

MARKETING & NEW BIZ MASTERMIND: How to Nail Your Employer Branding

11am, Tuesday 24th September 2024

  • An agency’s branding plan and strategy might be absolutely brilliant, but where it tends to fall short is in the communication and execution of bringing that employer brand to life. “It’s not enough just to have some employer brand expert come in and tell you what your brand is,” says Sarah Woodhouse, co-owner and director at AMBITIOUS. “You’ve then got to make sure the brand is socialised within your business and that everybody knows what that looks like.”
  • Once the team understands and are aligned on the employer branding, you can then start to really hone in on the branding’s impact. Are you attracting the right people? Is your message coming across clearly?
  • Join us for this marketing and new biz mastermind where Sarah and Dani from AMBITIOUS will explain how you can master your employer branding, as well as helping you pinpoint where you might be going wrong with yours.