Weds 24 May 2023 16:00 GMT

Ella Cooper already had a beautiful set of processes at Eleven Marketing that covered everything, and it was all in one place.
However, over time she noticed that the system was starting to decay – including the agency’s trust in it.
Hear from Ella on how she rebuilt the agency’s processes and knowledge management to restore trust and efficiency.

Ella Cooper had already established Eleven Marketing’s spick and span processes.

Most things had a set system, whether that was for opening up the building in the morning, to debriefing a client at the end of a project. 

Over time, however, the system started to decay, and Ella noticed she was starting to make excuses for certain areas.

“We just kept adding stuff. It became cumbersome and keeping up was difficult. People would say: ‘I know it’s on there somewhere’. It was sticking plaster upon sticking plaster,” she says.

“I had to really caveat things. I  would say ‘don’t look at that one’, and was stuck on how to make sure things still made sense.”

Ella asked her team for feedback and together they got to work on making their processes more efficient. They moved over to a server set-up, so that it was easily accessible and safe for clients, but also searchable. 

The ‘fresh’ server now covers everything: from how the office plants are watered to how to onboard new clients. The name of the game is consistency.

“We didn’t want to just get down on paper what we tell our clients every time – we wanted to get down what happens when something goes wrong. We wanted to have every scenario spelt out so people had the autonomy to solve it and sort it out,” she says.

Hear more from Ella on how she designed a process for every occasion and see some examples in action.

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