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The best community for growing agencies

Agency Hackers lets you (and your team) meet other people running independent agencies.

Plug in to our community of friendly, thoughtful agency leaders. Learn from them. Get inspired by them. Make friends. Share your wisdom. We are the best way to plug into the brightest agencies around the world.

Agency Hackers is a membership community. You pay a monthly fee which gives you access for your whole team (not just the founders).

We run a mixture of online and live events. We cover most agency disciplines: HR and people, client services, marketing and new business, operations and agency leadership.

Most of the time, you are hearing from real people who are working in other agencies – not professional speakers with simplistic answers.

Who is Agency Hackers for?

Agency Hackers is perfect for some agencies (and not perfect for others!)

We tend to attract agencies who are past the frazzled start-up stage. They are becoming established, but they don’t have everything figured out yet.

The typical Agency Hackers member is an independent agency with a headcount of between 15-60 and revenue of £2-£6m – but you can still join if you’re outside that range.

Our members are a stir-fry of advertising, creative, e-commerce, SEO, PR and more. We try to mix it up, because if it’s too homogenous you don’t learn anything.

Since 2017 we have delivered…


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Why join agency hackers?

Keep your team engaged, motivated and inspired

One big reason people join Agency Hackers is to get help from other agencies who have faced – or are facing – the same challenges as you. (Sometimes they have solved them. Sometimes they haven’t, but their advice is helpful.)

When you join Agency Hackers, you can join live talks and discussions with other agencies on the topics you care about most. Some of it is for your leadership, some of it is for your team. (Here’s the current schedule.)

Take a look at what we offer on the membership page.

how is agency hackers different?

We attract a fun and friendly audience of ‘mature-ish’ independent agencies. Because our members tend to be a few years into their journey, they enjoy the perspective that comes with not having to put out fires every hour of the day.

(If you’re still at an early-stage you’re still welcome to join. Being around people a bit further down the road will probably help.)

And because we are a paid community instead of a feeder for something else, the people we attract are probably a bit more thoughtful and less ‘show-offy’ than other communities.

ok, what do i actually get?

Agency Hackers will help you and your team run a better agency

  • 15 to 20 interactive online events per month. Attend live case studies and training sessions to help you run a better agency. Your whole team can take part. Have a look at our schedule.
  • Full video resource bank. Access 200+ Agency Hackers sessions on marketing, new business, agency leadership and more.
  • Peer-to-peer coaching. We’ll match you with other agency folk of a similar size. You meet once a month and help each other with what’s on your plate.
  • Member forum. Get help and support from other member agencies in our busy Guild forum.

You can see what we offer in much more detail on the membership page.