Thurs 4 May 2023 2:00pm UK time

Across the agency sector, everybody is always wondering how everyone else is doing.

If the start of the year was charting a course, the six-month mark is your chance to assess where you are and where you’re going – and whether it’s still the right path to tread.

For some agencies, they’re flourishing:

“Our pipeline is really solid, and we’re now having to recruit to serve that.”

“After losing a big client last year, we’ve won so many new clients recently we’re now needing to figure out how to service them best.”

For others, things are stalling slightly:

“Getting to a stable, acceptable level of profitability is becoming a challenge – in the last quarter, it’s dipped a lot.”

“We need more specialist account management and project management team members to help generate and retain revenue.”

Come along to this quarter’s State of the Nation and see how you’re measuring up with others – and how you’re measuring up against your own plan for the year too.