Want to speak?

We’d love to hear from you if you have something to share with the Agency Hackers audience.

> Interested in speaking at Agency Hackers? Get in touch!

We’re always looking for interesting people who can speak at our events – whether they’re live events or online events like the webinars we run every week for our members.

Agency Hackers lets agency leaders mix with, learn from and be inspired by people running similar businesses. We work really hard to find authentic, crunchy war stories – told by people who run agencies themselves.

Who can speak?

Agency Hackers is about the actual craft of running a business. So generally, we look for talks by people who are currently part of an agency business.

We do certainly often have talks by consultants and coaches. They certainly have a valuable perspective because they get to peep into lots of different businesses. But as a rule, it’s normally more interesting to hear from agency leaders who are “living it” rather than talking about it.

What topics work?

Generally, we prefer an “honest mess” to a “tidy lie”. Our audience are supportive and curious, but they can spot flim-flam a mile away. We prefer to hear about things you are doing or have done – rather than things you think.

We don’t really go for talks that are broad, vague, wishy-washy, or too “high concept”. So talks like: how AI / blockchain is disrupting advertising and marketing don’t really work for us

Good examplesNot good examples
An interesting mistake you’ve made – and what you’ve learned from it.Is the smartphone making us stupid? What is the future of the agency model? Theoretical stuff like this doesn’t work for us.

New and original things you’ve done (or are doing) around marketing, culture or operations.
How can agencies adapt to [insert macro trend]
Wins or challenges that others can learn from.Generally, if it’s chin-stroky, too macro or theoretical, or there are no clear take-aways, it probably isn’t right for us.
War-stories about transformation or agency change.
Controversial or unusual opinions about running a business

What kind of formats are there?

We have a variety of different formats. Generally, we will interview you in front of a live audience. We normally don’t ask you to prepare slides (unless you really want to). This makes your life much easier, and the fireside chat works better for our audience too.

Interviewing you means we can control the pace better. If we sense people are getting bored or it needs to speed up, we can move it along because we’re in control of the questions.

If you have an idea for a talk, we’ll do a pre-interview with you where we’ll tease out all the questions we should ask. This is like a dress rehearsal for the actual talk. This way when we do the actual interview, we know what the “good bits” are and we can make sure we don’t miss them.

I’m interested! What next?

Great! If you’re interested in speaking to our community, or you have questions, please get in touch.