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Discover how to think and take action like they do, straight from the world’s leading independent agencies.

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  • Take part in candid interviews, live case studies and valuable training sessions
  • Learn from other smart agencies. Everything is researched, curated and facilitated by professional journalists

Learn from hundreds of the
world’s best agencies

  • When you’re a member, you can dip into our busy monthly schedule of events.
  • Some are aimed at agency founders and leaders, and some are pitched at your marketing, finance, HR, client services, or operations teams.
  • Each session happens on Zoom, and is carefully researched and professionally facilitated so you get the most from the time you are investing.
  • You can stay on mute or get involved and contribute. Anybody in your agency can join. And if you miss the session, you can watch it back in our video archive.

You’ll meet three times – and then you’ll be matched with a brand new set of people. It’s a great way to clear your head, solve your problems and grow your network.

Inspiration every month

Here are some of the formats we use at Agency Hackers

Hear from agency leaders who have successfully stepped back from the day-to-day running of their agencies.

Get ‘under the hood’ of the world’s best agencies. Learn from their journey in these in-depth case studies.

What’s it really like to sell your agency? Learn from those who have been through an exit with the scars to prove it.

We discuss the most pressing or controversial matters facing agencies. What could possibly go wrong?

Tidy the meeting room – we have a client in the building! Quiz real clients on what they love and hate about agencies.

Agency Hackers assemble! Bring your intractable problems to the table and let the ‘hive mind’ solve them live.

zero fluff content

Agency Hackers lets agency leaders and their teams mix with, learn from and be inspired by people running similar businesses.

We focus on the actual craft of running an agency business. We generally do not waste time covering things that are chin-strokey, abstract and theoretical (“What is the future of digital?”) or just boring.

People often tell us they are surprised because our content scratches the same itch they have in their business.

(There’s not really any huge secret to this. It’s because we listen really carefully to our members, and ask them what they’d like us to cover for them.)