COMMUNITY MARKETING: Running Events That Succeed

11am, Wednesday 4th October 2023

  • Have you thought about going about growing your agency by starting a community?
  • With sales cycles getting longer – and people harder to reach – having your own “house audience” can be a really valuable asset.
  • If you think building a community should be in your plans, join this session with Ian Harris and find out more.

CLIENT SERVICES MASTERMIND: How Can You Get the Most from Your Clients?

11am, Tuesday 10th October 2023

  • Strong client relationships are key to an agency’s success. So, how can you get the most from them?
  • Amie Hill, client director at Relationship Audits, will be sharing her insights into agency-client relationships, and how you can really make the most of them yourself.
  • Come along to find out more about strengthening your current relationships, and how you could change the way you approach prospective ones too.

TECHNICAL MASTERMIND: What is the Future of CMS?

11am, Thursday 12th October 2023

  • WordPress has dominated the CMS scene for over two decades. But could you be using something better?
  • In this session, we’ll be having an in-depth discussion about the current agency CMS landscape, as well as how it might change in the next decade with David Gilroy and Andy Osborne from Conscious Solutions.
  • Come along to hear where others in your role sit in this conundrum and suss out whether your current CMS is the right one for your business.

OPERATIONS MASTERMIND: “How We Stopped Our Team Feeling Overwhelmed”

2pm, Tuesday 17th October 2023

  • Ever felt that your team is overwhelmed, when on paper they shouldn’t be?
  • Rob James, operations director at Footprint Digital, has introduced a new way of allocating time to reduce overwhelm among his team.
  • In this month’s operations mastermind, he’ll be sharing this new approach – perhaps it could help you and your team too.

“Why We Got Rid of Line Managers”

11am, Wednesday 18th October 2023

  • Imagine this: what if your agency had NO line managers?
  • At Seed, they’ve adopted a non-hierarchical structure, emphasising distributed decision-making and purpose over profit – essentially, they’ve eliminated bosses.
  • Louis Perkins, the agency’s people and culture manager, will be sharing their journey to this flat structure. Would it work for you?

AI WHISPERERS: “How We’re Adopting AI into Our Creative Processes”

11am, Tuesday 24th October 2023

  • The rapid rise of AI tools and LLMs has left many copywriters and content creators concerned that they’ll soon be out of a job.
  • At Agency Hackers, staying ahead of the curve is hugely important to us. So towards the end of last year, we started looking at how we could implement AI into our creative processes.
  • In this session, we’ll take you through how Agency Hackers is incorporating AI into our creative content processes. Come along to hear our triumphs and disasters with this new tech, and share your own tips and tricks for creating content with ChatGPT.

How We’re Improving Our Agency’s Operations

2pm, Thursday 26th October 2023

  • Today, Head of Operations can be as much a PEOPLE role as a PROCESS role.
  • That’s why Sian Eddy – ModernB2B’s Head of Operations – is passionate about preventing burnout and fostering well-being within her agency.
  • If you’re heading up operations, this is a great chance to hear how Sian is making a difference in her job – and join others as you discuss your role.

CFO SURGERY: How to Return to Profitability

11am, Tuesday 31st October 2023

  • Today, agencies are putting profit first. They’re asking themselves how they can be more profitable now.
  • If you’re interested in navigating the complexities of agency profitability, agency CFO Simon Collard will be sharing his insights on handling slowdowns, the importance of clear targets, and getting your pricing just right.
  • Some of what Simon says will be new – some of it will be a welcome reminder. That’s good, because this is stuff you need in your bones.