Tues Oct 24 2023 11:00 UK time

The rapid rise of AI tools and LLMs has left many copywriters and content creators concerned that they’ll soon be out of a job.

So much so that agencies are quickly trying to incorporate AI tools in their day-to-day to prove they won’t be left behind.

But while these worries are not unfounded, AI experts are convinced that we needn’t be too concerned. 

“Anyone sitting in front of a computer right now – their jobs are going to look very, very different. But we as people won’t be replaced. It’s the human-AI combination that we think is going to take hold,” says Nitzan Regev-Sanders, MD at The Creative Copywriter.

“There’s going to be a huge level playing field once everyone starts using AI. What will make you stand out is that will be that original human touch.”

At Agency Hackers, staying ahead of the curve is hugely important to us. So towards the end of last year, we started looking at how we could implement AI into our creative processes. 

It’s been quite the journey. 

  • Our team isn’t totally keen. Some of our team have really taken ChatGPT in their stride – while others are still battling with it.
  • Prompting is hard. It’s taken quite some time for us to figure out how to get exactly what we want from LLMs. 
  • New content! ChatGPT has allowed us to cut time and create new pieces of content to share with our community. 
  • Quality control. We still need an editor for the content we produce this way, which isn’t exactly cutting down workload. 

In this session, we’ll take you through how Agency Hackers is incorporating AI into our creative content processes. Come along to hear our triumphs and disasters with this new tech, and share your own tips and tricks for creating content with ChatGPT.