Wed Oct 4 2023 11:00 UK time

Have you thought about growing your agency by starting a community?

Would life be easier if you had an ‘Agency Hackers’ style community of your own?

With sales cycles getting longer – and people harder to reach – having your own ‘house audience’ can be a really valuable asset.

It’s not something you can achieve in six weeks – but it is something you can just about do in six months

We’re doing a Q&A to help you figure out whether a community would make sense for your business.

We’ll share what we’ve learned building Agency Hackers – so you can decide whether it’s something to pursue, now or in the future.

  • What are the “moving parts” of stating your own community?
  • What makes people want to engage?
  • What should you offer – and what should you not offer?
  • How can you do it in an oversaturated market?
  • What are the processes and systems you need?

Communities are interesting!

Think of all the people your business needs to reach in order to succeed. Maybe there’s 10 of them. Maybe there’s 1,000 or 10,000 of them. Whatever the figure, it’s a finite number.

In the arts, there’s a theory called A Thousand True Fans. The idea is that if you’re an artist – a musician, a performer, a sculptor – you only need a Thousand True Fans to make a good living. A thousand people who come to every show, retweet every tweet, and buy everything they release.

In business, you can apply the same concept to building an audience. A lot of us in marketing start with the premise that we need everybody in our industry to be aware of us. That we need that #1 hit.

In fact, you just need a few of the right people to know, like and trust you.

If you think building a community should be in your plans, join this session with Ian Harris and find out more.