Thurs 26 Oct 2023 2:00pm UK time

Today, Head of Operations can be as much a PEOPLE role as a PROCESS role.

That’s why Sian Eddy – ModernB2B’s Head of Operations – is passionate about preventing burnout and fostering well-being within her agency.

“Burnout is a key priority of mine at the moment. We have a few people in the business that are potential burnout concerns – but if you look at the data, it doesn’t show that.”

In this session, she’ll share how she’s trying to identify burnout and stress sooner – and get more accurate data on employee well-being. 

  • Sian is working with her agency’s team leaders to help them recognise the early warning signs, both in themselves and their team members, and figuring out a way to track this in her agency’s workflow management software Scoro.
  • Sian is also concerned that the self-reported data they are collecting now might not reflect the true picture of employee well-being. “How can we get an accurate picture of the truth so we can look after people and support them to the best of our ability?”
  • When you run operations and your role is ‘everything‘ – how do you avoid biting off more than you can chew?

If you’re heading up operations, this is a great chance to hear how Sian is making a difference in her job – and join others as you discuss your role.