This quarter, it’s full steam ahead.

Everyone likes to make resolutions at the start of a new year, but instead of making plans and goals, why not just crack on?

It can be easy to think solely about growth targets and profit margins as a new year approaches, and where you want to end up this time next year before January has even begun – but there are so many other areas to consider.

Perhaps you need a shift in structure, or your processes need a tweak. Maybe your team need to become more commercially minded, or take more time to prioritise their own learning and development. Or you might even decide you need to reassess the value you offer clients, and confidently raise your prices.

These are just some of the things we’ll be exploring in this quarter’s content.


CEO SUMMIT: Why Can’t People Be More Like Me?

2pm, Wednesday 1st February 2023

  • As you let go of the reins, perhaps even as you build a senior team into the business, it can be tough when things aren’t done as you expect.
  • Does your team have clear accountabilities and expectations? How are you framing the conversation? Or are you struggling to get through to them?
  • We’ll be discussing this in our monthly CEO Summit – and don’t forget, this session is NOT uploaded to the members’ area, so you can freely discuss your concerns and questions.

GOING FOR GOLD: How Can You Enter and Win Awards Effectively?

3pm, Thursday 2nd February 2023

  • Every agency wants to win awards – but it’s a lot more than just sending in an entry and hoping you’ll get shortlisted.
  • What even is an awards strategy? And how can you work out which awards to enter in the first place?
  • Awards expert Stef Brown is on hand to answer all your questions, and is joined by Climbing TreesFrankie Brookton to discuss how she helped make their awards strategy a winning success.

CLIENT SERVICES MASTERMIND: “Why Client Satisfaction is Not Enough”

11am, Tuesday 7th February 2023

  • “Many agencies make the mistake of referring to themselves as the client’s new ‘business partner’ when they first win a piece of business…”
  • “Except a partner is a term that needs to be earned, rather than assumed,” says Simon Rhind Tutt of Relationship Audits.
  • In this session, Simon will be drawing on Simon will be drawing on his 25 years of experience in measuring agency client relationships to show you how clients’ expectations of their agency partners are changing, and why client satisfaction just isn’t enough anymore.

Harnessing the Potential of Programmatic Marketing

3pm, Wednesday 8th February 2023

  • What is programmatic marketing? Have you ever considered it for your clients?
  • Tyler Barnet from Grapeseed Media is here to dispel the myths surrounding programmatic marketing, and how it can be used as a for ad space.
  • Join us for this session to see if programmatic working could help leverage the work you do for current, and perhaps even future, clients…

HR & PEOPLE MASTERMIND: How Do You Manage Team Conflict?

2pm, Thursday 9th February 2023

  • Lots of things can lead to team conflict – maybe someone has been promoted and is now giving orders to ex-peers who don’t like it, or maybe a new starter is a bad culture fit and it’s causing friction.
  • But how do you handle it when it happens? What can you do to make sure a similar situation doesn’t reoccur?
  • In this month’s HR & people mastermind, we’re talking about how to manage team conflict.

OPERATIONS MASTERMIND: “How Productising Our Services Made Us More Efficient”

2pm, Tuesday 14th February 2023

  • “It instantly made it easier to communicate with our prospects. It’s almost like a menu for them to choose from at this point,” says Joe Daniels, chief operating officer of Treacle.
  • As a creative agency, it can be hard to slap a process around what you do – especially if the service you offer is more consultative.
  • In this operations mastermind, Joe will be taking us through how he made his business more efficient by productising his agency’s service offering – AND made it easier to sell to new prospects in the process.

NEXT STEPS: “How Our Agency Has Outgrown EOS”

11am, Wednesday 15th February 2023

  • “At some point, you need something more strategic to help you govern your decision making,” says Glen Duncan, operations director at 383 Project.
  • EOS is a great framework for agency leaders to follow as you grow – but what happens when you grow past it?
  • In this session, Glen will be talking us through why he believes his agency has outgrown the Entrepreneurial Operating System, and how he plans to grow the business without it.

MARKETING AND NEW BIZ MASTERMIND: Navigating the Tender Application Process

11am, Tuesday 21st February 2023

  • Where can you find tenders for creative projects?
  • What should you include to make sure you win?
  • In this month’s marketing and new biz mastermind, we’re talking about submitting tender applications.

Increasing Your Agency’s Profitability

11am, Wednesday 22nd February 2023

  • “It’s extremely important to understand the scope of what you’re proposing to a client and how you’re pricing your work,” says agency veteran Michael Murphy.
  • “If you price too cheaply, clients will think you’re not very good at what you do.”
  • In this session, Michael will be drawing on his 40 years of agency advisory experience to show you how to make your agency more profitable with just a few changes and a bit of planning.

Report Launch: How Do Your Agency’s Operations Measure Up?

4pm, Wednesday 22nd February 2023

  • How do your agency’s processes and operations compare to other businesses like yours?
  • Join us live to hear the results from Clockwork – the first global survey of agency process and operations – in partnership with Scoro.
    • Meet other process-minded agency leaders to hear the state of the nation when it comes to agency operations

LINKEDIN MASTERMIND: How Can You Avoid Cringey Personal
Branding Tactics?

11am, Thursday 23rd February 2023

  • As more people join LinkedIn, it gets easier for good content to get lost. So, how do you stick out from the crowd without reverting to ‘cringey’ – and oversaturated – tactics?
  • In this month’s LinkedIn mastermind, we’ll be talking about how you can execute personal branding well to generate new leads without compromising your authentic self.
  • We’ll also be joined by social media guru Shoaib Ahmed, founder of personal branding agency Yello Hippo, who is geared up to answer all of your questions on how a partnership like this can work.

IT’S ALL TALK: Tackling the Fear of Public Speaking

11am, Tuesday 28th February 2023

  • For many, even just thinking of public speaking makes them sweat.
  • But sometimes, feeling the fear and doing it anyway can really have its benefits – and not only if your ambitions are to deliver a huge keynote talk.
  • We’re joined by Becki Wilson and Max Hopkinson to talk about how they’re working on their fear of public speaking, and what they’ve learned so far.