Weds 1 Feb 2023 2:00pm UK time

“People don’t know what you know,” said one agency leader recently. 

“You have to teach them bloody everything.”

They had recently set up a series of agency-wide training sessions for their team, to assist them as the agency shifted proposition.

However, it left them struggling to understand why the rest of the team couldn’t be more like them.

“I was sitting in the training and it was all so obvious,” they said. “There are things I do, and I’m used to doing – it was even down to small things, like how to ask an open question.”

“I was sitting and asking myself, ‘Why is this so difficult for them? Am I asking too much?’”

As you let go of the reins, perhaps even as you build a senior team into the business, it can be tough when things aren’t done as you expect.

  • Does your team have clear accountabilities and expectations?
  • When it comes to project management, how can you make sure this runs smoothly without having to intervene?
  • How are you framing the conversation? How are you empowering them? Or are you struggling to get through to them?

We’ll be discussing this in our monthly CEO Summit, where you can seek help and support from fellow leaders and founders.

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