Tues 21 Feb 2023 11:00am UK time

• Where can you find tenders for creative projects?
• What should you include in your bid to make sure you win?
In this month’s marketing and new biz mastermind, we’re talking about submitting tender applications.

Have you got experience with submitting tenders?

With new business becoming increasingly difficult, it’s worth considering all your options. For example, some creative agencies in our community rely on tenders for new project leads.

You’ll likely see public sector companies submitting tenders, mostly because they’re required to by law.

We’ll be talking about this in detail in our monthly marketing and new business mastermind:

  • What does the tender process look like?
  • Where can you find tenders for creative projects?
  • What should always be included in your bid?
  • How do you win?

Come along to hear how to tackle this challenge from those who have been there and done it, and pose your questions to the group.

If you’re clued up on this already – please lend your expertise!