Tues 28 Feb 2023 11:00am UK time

• For many, even just thinking of public speaking makes them sweat.
• But sometimes, feeling the fear and doing it anyway can really have its benefits – and not only if your ambitions are to deliver a huge keynote talk.
• We’re joined by Becki Wilson and Max Hopkinson to talk about how they’re working on their fear of public speaking, and what they’ve learned so far.

Becki co-founded The Keynote Club to face her fear of public speaking head-on

The thought of public speaking can be terrifying for even the most experienced agency leaders and presenters.

Becki Wilson, MD and creative director of The Loft, set up the Keynote Club with Max Hopkinson and Becca Lamb from Bind, to tackle this shared fear.

“Everybody is different, but public speaking is a confidence thing. It’s a muscle you can build,” she says. “The more you practice it, the more you can build it.”

Practicing speaking in front of others isn’t just a good idea if you’re presenting a keynote at a big conference. There are myriad reasons why it can be good to get into the habit:

  • You’re the leader of an agency in a particular sector that has something to say – and you want that visibility.
  • You’re an account exec or head of a department and want to improve the way you present and pitch to clients.
  • You’re just starting out and want to talk to your internal team with more confidence and assurance in meetings.

“By practicing, you’re able to participate more and say yes to career-building opportunities,” says Becki.

In the Keynote Club, attendees hear from experienced public speakers as well as coaches and experts to lift the lid on this ‘scary’ scenario. They also give people the chance to have a dry run of something they’ve prepared for a meeting or a pitch, with attendees evaluating them and sharing advice.

Through this, Becki, Max and Becca have already learned a great deal about what makes or breaks a good public speaking opportunity.

“Are you able to think on your feet? Are you able to adlib? Do you have vocal variety, emphasising different points and pacing your delivery? If you’re presenting on screen, how do you use the space you have?” they ask.

Becki and Max will be sharing the things they’ve learned and the tips and tricks they now use when speaking to audiences. If you’re looking to improve, or perhaps take your first step, then this is the session for you.