Ibiza Super Summit Tickets Go Live – Sun, Sessions & Socials Await

4 months ago

Tickets are now live – make sure you snap them up quick as we forecast a sell out!

Tickets for the highly anticipated Ibiza Super Summit are officially on sale!

Following last years successful Ibiza trip, Agency Hackers have gone all out to ensure that the 2024 event is even bigger and better.

Set against the backdrop of the beautiful Ibiza Gran Hotel, the event is not just a normal conference – it’s a three day experience that pairs business and fun perfectly. Taking place from September 25 to September 26, with welcome drinks on the Thursday 24, attendees will have a number of activities that have been designed with agency founders in mind.

Imagine starting your mornings with the sun greeting you in a serene yoga session or a reflective walk along the beach. As the day unfolds, the summit shifts gears, presenting workshops and talks from some of the most forward-thinking minds in the business.

(There’s also a boat party, I’ll just leave that bit of information there…)

Last years boat party in full swing!

It’s an opportunity to spark innovation, to ponder the future of creativity in agency work, and to explore new business models that break from tradition.

  • But what truly sets the Ibiza Super Summit apart is its dedication to the “fun” part of the conference. The event is a co-creative space and this years event has been created with your feedback in mind.

And let’s not overlook the speakers – the summit boasts an array of big names and agency leaders, each bringing unique insights and stories to the stage. From dissecting the untapped market for creativity to personal brand building and finding humour in the corporate world, these talks are designed to challenge and inspire.

These include headliners:

Rory Sutherland – Should You Be Selling Creativity?

  • Rory Sutherland – author of Alchemy – thinks so. “Agencies sell creative solutions in the shape of ads. But there is a much, much bigger untapped market for creativity – which small agencies can tap.”
  • In Ibiza, Rory will get you thinking about your business model in new and exciting ways.

Sophie Miller – How To Build Your Personal Brand

  • People tend to buy from people they know, like and trust. So as an agency founder, building your personal “CEO brand” in your industry could be the missing piece of the puzzle.
  • At Ibiza Super Summit, Sophie from Pretty Little Marketer will talk about how she’s built a following in the hundreds of thousands – without pretending to be somebody she isn’t.

Dave Harland – How to Find the Funny in Everything

  • Humour is a hugely under-used tactic in sales and marketing – which is weird since humans are hardwired to love humour. (Babies can laugh before they can talk.)
  • In Ibiza, super-star copywriter Dave Harland will help you “find the funny” whatever your industry – even if it’s serious and businessy.

The Ibiza Super Summit is more than just an event – it’s a testament to the vibrant spirit of the agency community, a rare blend of work and play.

So pack your bags, bring your ideas, and let Ibiza transform the way you see business, leisure, and life itself!🍒

Tickets are on sale now, you can by them here.

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