The Agency Leadership Conference

✈️ September 25th and 26th 2024, Ibiza Gran Hotel, Ibiza

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Escape to the magical island 🏝️ of Ibiza for an unforgettable adventure of growth, inspiration… and just a little bit of fun.

  • Join 200 friendly agency leaders for three days in Ibiza for the second Agency Hackers Ibiza Super Summit.
  • You’ll work on your business and work on your tan – all while enjoying cocktails, boat trips and more. During the day you’ll get inspired 💡 to grow your business, and during the evenings you’ll make new friendships ❤️ that will last a lifetime.
  • We’re co-creating the “fun” part of the conference with you, the delegates. Nothing is off the table. You will hear from big speakers and agency leaders we could only get with a special event like this.

Three days of networking and fun

This is a high-level schedule – check out the full running order. Tip: a lot of people
extend their stay to squeeze in a quick holiday 👙🩳


Get checked in and meet us for welcome drinks 🍸 on the first evening. Thanks to our magic matchmaking system you’ll already have some new friends to meet up with – so head off for dinner or drinks in Ibiza Town and let’s get your Ibiza adventure started! 🎉


If you’re a morning person, we have sunrise 🌅 walks, yoga or pilates on offer. The conference gets going properly with inspiring speakers and workshops. In the evening, you can select from different evening options. There are nocturnal adventures to suit all appetites.


Wake up to more morning wellness options 🧘 – or enjoy a well-deserved lie in. The conference continues with more talks and breakouts. In the afternoon we take a sunset boat trip ⚓️, and then we head out to explore Ibiza – again with various options for different tastes.

Meet the speakers we have in store

🎤 Here’s the first of many speakers and workshops we have at Ibiza Super Summit. Stay tuned as we
announce more. Line-up subject to change.

Should You Be Selling Creativity?

Agencies aren’t as creative as they once were.

Whether that’s because of an over-bloated market, the rise of AI, or a lack of effort – it’s anyone’s guess. But Rory Sutherland, vice chairman and creative director at Oglivy UK, has a more comprehensive theory.

“Media agencies and platform owners have become so overly focused on profitable algorithms that they’re leaving the creative side of advertising underfunded and undervalued,” he says. 

Rory named this situation a ‘Sudoku’ problem: problems that can only be solved by understanding an entire system, not by optimising each part separately.

“I call them Sudoku problems because, like a Sudoku, you can only solve them by contemplating the grid in its entirety – not by cutting the grid into nine separate squares and handing each one to a separate specialism to solve.” You could try doing that but, once you reassembled the grid, it would be a mess.”

👉 At the Ibiza Super Summit, Rory will be joining us to walk us through his Sudoku theory, the patterns he’s noticed in marketing’s lack of genuine creativity – and, more importantly, how we can go about fixing it.

How to Find the Funny in Everything

When Dave Harland, creative director at Copy or Die, was 15, his new English teacher opened his eyes to a startling revelation:

It’s okay to laugh at yourself.

“He said, ‘I know I’ve got massive eyes, you can laugh about it today, but any more after this and you’ll be in detention’. From that day on, we respected him because he could have a bit of a laugh at himself.”

It was from this that Dave’s perspective on writing changed forever. Especially when it comes to copywriting.

“The two big questions you’ve got to ask if you want to have a bit of a laugh at yourself is, what are your flaws?” he says. “Are those flaws going to damage your relationship with your target audience?”

If you show a little humour, your audience will begin to trust you.

👉 At the Ibiza Super Summit, Dave will be walking us through how to find the funny in everything, and how your copywriting and branding can benefit from just a small perspective shift.

Is It Still Worth Being a B Corp in 2024?

While B Corp is mainly about purpose and values, agency decision-makers are more likely to be convinced by its commercial benefits.

Laura Hothersall, director at Truth, understands this.

In Ibiza, she wants to help agency owners become B Corp certified from a relatable, business-focused perspective.

How To Build Your Personal Brand

People tend to buy from people they know, like and trust. So as an agency founder, building your personal “CEO brand” in your industry could be the missing piece of the puzzle.

At Ibiza Super Summit, Sophie will talk about how she’s built a following in the hundreds of thousands – without pretending to be somebody she isn’t.

How to Find the Ideal Agency Acquisition

After 10 years of running his agency, Simon Corbett wanted more ways to earn money and grow as a business.

So he set his sights on the world of acquisitions.

In Ibiza, Simon will share some of the best practices and processes of acquiring agencies, and how to go about getting it right.

Also on the bill

Why run an agency conference in Ibiza?

Not a stock photo! You can see our agency leader delegates bobbing around in the Med as we stop for a swim on the final day of the converence.

With Ibiza Super Summit, we are trying to create a special event that will become part of the agency calendar for years – perhaps even decades.

  • Escape 🛼 A lot of agency owners never take a holiday. Or if they do, they spend most of it dealing with problems. They are saying sorry to their staff for being away, explaining to their clients why they aren’t around – and grovelling to their family who can’t understand why they keep opening their laptop.
  • Get inspired ⚡️ You get your best ideas when you’re away. What if you were in a place where people encouraged you, rather than telling you to stop thinking about work? With inspiring speakers and the enthusiasm of 200 other agency leaders, you never know what will fall into place when you’re on an adventure with 200 other people like you.
  • Make new friends ❤️ Immersing yourself in three days of learning and fun is a great way to make new friends. Many of the people who came to our first event still meet up to this day.

Ibiza Super Summit gives you a bona fide opportunity to escape into the sun with people who have the same pressure, responsibility as you.

What people say 👍

Here’s what people thought of 2023’s event. To see if this event is for you, read the super-honest FAQ page.

“A magical few days and I couldn’t have loved it more.” Simon Bollon, Boutique

“Beyond the food and fun, I’ve brought back a treasure trove of insights and at such an exciting time for Curated too.” Jake Cawdery, Curated

“The last 4 days in Ibiza have been 👌🌅 Made some amazing friends and great time to do some blue sky thinking”. Carrie Rose, Rise at Seven

“WOW – Met so many awesome people, learned LOADS and have so many like minded #Agency friends 😍” Christine Bookless, Sagittarius

“Thank you to all of you for being so welcoming. I actually cannot believe what I’ve been missing out on. 🤯” Mary-Anne Da’Marzo, Firebelly Media

Photos from 2023

Here’s a selection of photos. As you can see there’s some conferency-bits, some wellnessy-bits, and some party-ey-bits

Who’s coming in 2024? 😎

Here’s a flavour of our 2024 attendees. We’re expecting 200 agency leaders. (We don’t yet have permission to post everybody here!)