The Conference in Ibiza

26th, 27th, 28th September 2023

β€’ Join us in Ibiza for an unforgettable three days
β€’ Relax and recharge, and make new friends on the White Island
β€’ Big-name speakers, thrilling trips… and “just the right amount” of partying

Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure?

Join us for three days in Ibiza for the inaugural Agency Hackers Ibiza Super Summit. It’s your only chance to work on your business and work on your tan alongside some of Europe’s funnest and friendliest agency folk.

  • It’s the premier conference in Europe
  • You’ll also get to talk confidentially about your business with people who know what it’s like to walk in your shoes… because they’re currently doing it.
  • You will hear from agency leaders we could only get with a special event like this.

Who’s in?

Here’s a few leaders you’ll hear from. Loads more to be announced!

Carrie Rose will share the ups (and many downs) of her rollercoaster ride to running a Β£7m international agency.

Comedian Rob Mayhew is with us on the white isle, hosting sessions and generally injecting his hilarious take on agency life.

How can personality grow your agency’s reach? Pick up some marketing pearls from agency owners Dan and Lloyd.

50% work, 50% play

  • The conference happens at Aguas de Ibiza, a luxury hotel in Santa Eularia, on the eastern coast of Ibiza. It has a breathtaking rooftop conference room overlooking the Med, where we’ll hold the conference.
  • You’ll hear stories from specially invited keynote speakers – big names we can’t wait to announce!
  • You’ll also enjoy cocktails, boat trips, and more – we’re expecting 60-80 delegates so you’re guaranteed an instant group of friends to party with! We’re co-creating the “fun” part of the conference with you, the delegates. Nothing is off the table.

Your Itinerary

*The below is the current draft, but parts are subject to change as we get more input from delegates.

Tuesday 26 SeptemberWednesday 27 SeptemberThursday 28th September
πŸŒ› Evening: Arrive, welcome cocktailsπŸŒ… Early-morning: Wellness (various)
β˜€οΈ Day: Ibiza Super Summit
πŸŒ› Evening: Ibiza Town
πŸŒ… Early-morning: Wellness (various)
β˜€οΈ Day: Ibiza Super Summit
πŸŒ› Evening: Sunset boat party

πŸ—“ Tuesday 26th September 2023

Welcome to Ibiza!

On the first night of Ibiza Super Summit we’re gathering everyone together for some drinks.

People will arrive at different times, but they’ll end up on the roof terrace of the Aguas de Ibiza hotel. Watch the sun go down and get so know your fellow delegates.

There might even be some nocturnal adventures – but let’s see because it’s an early start the next day!

People will arrive on Tuesday evening. We’ll gather for drinks on the roof of Aguas de Ibiza hotel in Santa Eulalia.
The first day is about vision – where are you taking your business?
Our venue is the a beautiful rooftop conference room overlooking The Mediterranean
In the evening on the first night we’ll take the ferry to Ibiza Town and have dinner together.

πŸ—“ Wednesday 27th September 2023

Day 1 – What’s Your Vision?

7.30am – The Early Bird Session

You never saw a yoga mat in It’s All Gone Pete Tong, but we know many delegates are interested in making the most of the island’s spiritual side. For the first morning, we’ll be organising a choice of wellness activities to put you in the right mood.

  • Exercise on the beach
  • Yoga / pilates
  • Sunrise walk

9.30am – The Conference Day 1

The theme of the day is big ideas. You are in Ibiza – anything is possible!

  • AM: Incredible Journeys. You will hear from notable agency leaders who’ve had remarkable adventures in building their agency. You’ll hear the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, and see who has emerged successful after overcoming numerous obstacles.
  • PM: Big, Hairy Audacious Goals. Ibiza is the place to let your BHAG hang out. Everybody will be in a different place in five years time, and part of this day is about sharing your BHAG with the other people assembled. What are you building – and why? Share your vision to people who believe in you – and use the inspirational surroundings to make commitments that will put this in motion.

5pm – Ibiza Town β›΅οΈβš“οΈ

All aboard! We’ll set sail from Santa Eulalia to watch the sun set and set foot in Ibiza Town and heading out for dinner and drinks.

πŸ—“ Thursday 28th September 2023

Day 2 – Implementation

7.30am – The Early Bird Session

Whether you’re hungover or fresh as a daisy, you can opt for a range of wholesome activities: exercise, yoga, or a pre-dawn walk to watch the sun rise before day two.

AM and PM: Deep-dive workshops

In the morning there’s a range of workshops to choose from. These are all delivered by people with relevant experience personally recommended to us. We’re still putting this together – we’re asking delegates to suggest what they want in the private forum where attendees are already gathering. (Join them!)

There will be a range to choose from – for example:

  • Personal branding.
  • Creating a culture of accountability in your agency.
  • Conscious leadership.
  • Acquiring another agency.
  • Going international.

Evening: πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒ Sunset Boat Trip with DJ

Dance, drink and relax on a sunset cruise in Ibiza. Watch the sunset over the water, drink Cava (or other posh non-alcoholic things) and nod to the sounds of the onboard DJ, and make plans with the friends you’ve made at Ibiza Super Summit.

Wakey-wakey! If you’re up on the Thursday morning, take part in wholesome wellness stuff with other kale-munchers.
Thursday is about deep-dive workshops on various topics. Delegates are helping us select these now.
Round off the conference with a sunset boat party.

Ibiza Super Summit – FAQs πŸ’¬

Q: Should I come to Ibiza Super Summit?

Yes! Or maybe no! Do you want to spend two / three days in Ibiza with other agency leaders?

We’re running this event on a super-simple premise: the past few years have been a challenging time to lead an agency, and you deserve a fun and interesting and useful getaway to unwind and recharge.

That either resonates with you, or it doesn’t! You probably already know whether you should be part of this trip.

Beyond that, it doesn’t really mater whether you’re a seasoned Ibiza veteran who thinks it isn’t the same since Space closed. (You can look forward to regaling us with your stories of the time you shared a taxi with Brandon Block.)

Or you might never have been, but you’ve been looking for the perfect excuse to visit. This is it!

Q: Who will I meet?

The people you’ll meet at the Ibiza Super Summit will be a diverse bunch of agency leaders with interesting stories.

We are fortunate that Agency Hackers has always attracted an audience of fun, interesting people.

We expect to be oversubscribed to this event, so we’ll apply a bit of judicious mixing to make sure the event is fun, diverse and happy.

We will publish the attendee list a few months ahead of the conference so you can see who will be attending and you can start making connections (and planning what to wear.)

Q: What’s included? Where should I stay?

You pay us for the conference ticket, and that covers you being included in the event.

The cost of your ticket will include welcome drinks, conference catering, and all the group activities on the “official schedule”.

It doesn’t include your flights and hotel accommodation, meals and drinks that you have outside the conference, and all the other random other stuff you get up to on the island.

In terms of where to stay – you pick! The conference is at the Aguas de Ibiza – you might choose to stay there (we have a special conference rate), or you can stay at one of the other hotels in Santa Eulalia, or indeed elsewhere on the island.