Tues 20 Aug 2024 2:00pm UK time

Stepping up into any kind of leadership role is a huge task. So, why not share your experiences with others who really get it?

You hear things like: “They are handing me the baton, but I don’t know what to do with it.”

Others say: “There has been a realisation over the last few months that this is on me now. The founders are around less, and it’s on my shoulders to deliver.”

Sound familiar?

While stepping up to the plate is a great opportunity, there are all kinds of challenges – and while you’re good at your job, you might still be trying to find your way. Developing your own leadership style, building confidence and resilience, and feeling part of a supportive community are essential steps in this journey.

  • You might be stepping up to eventually take over completely from an agency founder who does things in a certain way, and it’s a lot of pressure to fill those shoes.
  • You might be managing people who before were your peers, or perhaps used to be senior to you, which is a very big shift in dynamic – and you’re not sure how to assert yourself.
  • Perhaps you’re looking to switch things up or change things that others don’t agree are broken – and that can sometimes lead to tricky conversations.

With this in mind, we want to give you a dedicated space to chat things through with others in the same boat: this is your SLT Summit.

This session isn’t structured like most of our events – instead, it’s an open forum where you can share your challenges, give advice, and generally lean on each other for support. It’s designed to help you navigate the complexities of leadership, build your resilience, and foster a sense of community among your peers.

It also won’t be uploaded to the members’ area, so you can speak as freely as you like with like-minded peers. Join us and share your experiences.