Thurs 12 Sept 2024 11:00am UK time

“There’s this massive disconnect between how businesses actually operate commercially and their legal agreements. They think of them as completely separate things,” says Alistair Wells, founder and director at Tend Legal.

As agency folks, we love the creative stuff. No one really likes to dwell on those long, cumbersome, jargon-filled contracts, do they?

Sadly, we all know how important they are. But how can you make them less of a hindrance – and make the legal part of client work smoother too?

Alistair is on hand to help you figure this out.

 In this session, we’ll be discussing:

  • Simplifying contracts – including making them shorter. “If contracts are focused on understanding what the problems are, what the risks are, then you can make your contracts really short, deal with those risks, and make it clear.” Sounds simple, right?
  • Aligning your legal documents with your agency’s brand – making contracts feel like a seamless extension of your identity.
  • Balancing legal needs versus practical needs of the business – ensuring your contracts are both legally sound and operationally viable.
  • Proactive client management. Client relationships are all the stronger for the legal side of things being easy to address and resolve. “What can you put in your contract to help protect yourself? What can you actually do, in practical terms, if and when it happens?” asks Alistair.

Join us for this session as we try to make the legal side of agency life a little easier – and a bit less of a headache.