Weds 11 Sept 2024 2:00pm UK time

“I think there’s a huge job for HR to make sure people are using and upskilling in AI, rather than just avoiding it,” says Lizzie Boyd, director at The Pod HR.

With AI making waves throughout the industry, it’s time for HR departments to get themselves in on the action.

Lizzie has been creatively integrating AI into her HR practices for a while now, using it for:

  1. Assisted reading for neurodivergent people: “We found it quite useful in a few cases where people might have dyspraxia or dyslexia; we created an assistant for them.” 
  2. Communication & email templates: “Some teams do Myers Briggs or colours for team building, so you can ask AI to convert your message to match a different communication style.”
  3. Simplifying legal HR documents: “AI is good for detecting bullsh*t in contracts and humanising really corporate legal text. So much HR stuff is unnecessarily formal and in legal wording when it doesn’t need to be.”

This is only scratching the surface of what AI can do for HR. There are also automations and platforms that can help streamline the tedious tasks you’re faced with; you can even create custom ChatGPTs for team members to ask HR-related questions. 

But don’t forget, just because it’s AI, it doesn’t make the HR department any less human.

“If you want to be truly inclusive, and you also want to be doing the right thing, it’s about putting people first and making it human,” says Lizzie. 

Join us for this HR & people mastermind, where Lizzie will delve into how she’s using AI in HR to boost efficiency and inclusion in the workplace, and will explore how you can do it too.