Weds 18 Sep 2024 11:00am UK time

“I’ve been stunned by how anti-AI marketing professionals have been. Let’s not take the piss out of it, or dismiss it. It’s coming for our jobs, so let’s all do something about it,” says Kate Ross, founder of eight&four

And do something they did. At eight&four, they’ve been developing their own bespoke AI tools over the last couple of years. The aim? To streamline client services on both sides. 

Now, Kate’s agency has four tools integrated into a single user interface. 

“With a lot of AI stuff, you’d jump off a few platforms. What we wanted to do was centralise that,” says Kate. “Our bespoke tools are client-specific and customised to each individual client’s way of working. This also gives complete customisation to clients’ workflows, which is imperative.” 

“The ambition is to have a system whereby we sell an interface to a client that is totally client-trained, with all the copy and creative tools trained in the client’s products, their tone of voice – everything.” 

Focusing specifically on client needs was key to creating tools that would genuinely help them work smarter, tackling the areas that matter most. 

“From a research perspective, having that client problem as the sole focus meant we remained committed to just that one thing. If you go out as a small to mid-sized agency and ask broadly, ‘How can we use AI?’ that’s going to become very distracting very quickly.” 

In this month’s AI Whisperers, Kate will be telling us how the agency created their bespoke AI interface, why it’s important to investigate and create something like this, and the positive effects it has had on client-agency relationships.