Tues 24 Sept 2024 11:00am UK time

“A lot of people are putting more focus on their employer brand and their employee value proposition than ever,” says Dani Andres, campaigns & community director at AMBITIOUS

An agency’s branding plan and strategy might be absolutely brilliant, but where it tends to fall short is in the communication and execution of bringing that employer brand to life.

“It’s not enough just to have some employer brand expert come in and tell you what your brand is,” adds Sarah Woodhouse, co-owner and director at AMBITIOUS. 

“You’ve then got to make sure the brand is socialised within your business and that everybody knows what that looks like.”

This means:

  1. Communication: Make sure all your employees understand and know what the employer brand message, values, and strategy is, and why it matters.
  2. Engagement: Actively involve your employees in the branding process; ask for their input and feedback whilst empowering them to be brand ambassadors.
  3. Alignment: Every department needs to understand their role and be aligned on it so that there are no crossed wires.

Once the team understands and are aligned on the employer branding, you can then start to really hone in on the branding’s impact. Are you attracting the right people? Is your message coming across clearly?

If you’re seeing an increase in qualified, ideal candidates, it’s a strong sign that your employer branding is effectively reaching your target audiences.

Join us for this marketing and new biz mastermind where Dani and Sarah will explain how you can master your employer branding, as well as helping you pinpoint where you might be going wrong with yours.