This quarter, we’re getting stuck in.

The next few months at Agency Hackers are all about getting to grips with all this year has thrown at you so far, and making this quarter really count for you and your team.

We have three tracks of content for you this month: giving 110%, efficiency, and silver linings. We’ll be exploring how others are getting stuck in to new challenges, and how they’re coping with new approaches and strategies. We also have our usual monthly masterminds, on everything from open culture and cold outreach, to the menopause, knowledge management, and the ever-changing world of artificial intelligence in our new AI Whisperers series.

These are just some of the things we’ll be exploring in this quarter’s content.

You can now see the next three months’ worth of Agency Hackers content in advance, by checking our rolling online events pagesubscribing to our events calendar, or instead clicking on the individual listings for July, August and September.

As always, our quarterly content is usually split across three themes, or ‘tracks’ as we like to call them:

tRACK 1: GIVING 110%

For you and your team, your agency is your life. So how do you make sure that it runs smoothly and all hands are on deck? This is what we’re exploring in this track.

How transparent are you with your team? And how can this motivate them to strive for growth and success, like you do as a founder? We’re discussing this in more detail.

We’re also talking to Gellen Watt about burnout, and the effects of giving too much to your business. It’s all about recognising the signs and making sure you’re doing the best thing for your business – but also for yourself.

In our masterminds, we’re hearing from Katy Howell on how she’s created an open and honest culture at immediate future, James Brown on Comtec‘s D&I initiatives and future goals, as well as asking Jonny Tooze, founder and CEO of LAB Group, how you should approach merging process and culture.

tRACK 2: efficiency

As agencies, you always want to be working as efficiently and agile as you can.

In this track, we’re talking about the things that can make things more efficient for you. This could be exploring a new team structure: we’re discussing the potential of the distributed teams model with David Wain-Heapy and Bachir Smahi.

This could also be looking at your existing team in the UK. We’re chatting to Bec Chelin about her agency’s team of generalists and specialists, and also hearing from Jackie Blaker and Will Tinson about the process of hiring an MD.

In our latest Clockwork session, we’re hearing from James Doughty how Matter of Form streamlined their services and got everyone on the same page, while in our new AI Whisperers series, we’re talking about everything from machine learning and new biz, to creative processes.


When you’re looking to get stuck in and make changes, you can sometimes be struck with the fear that something is going to go wrong.

In this track, we wanted to shine a light on stories that give you a bit of hope and optimism, as well as the drive to continue doing what you’re doing.

We’re speaking to Andy Headington about Adido and how they bounced back from losing their biggest client last year – plus how they’re faring a year on.

Chloe Taylor from Quietroom will be sharing how they’ve shifted mindset now they’re striving for revenue, rather than profitability, while Freia Muehlenbein is on hand to help you with strategic changes for your agency.

In our masterminds, Emily Long will be sharing how her agency, Genie Goals, is keeping its client retention high, and Ranzie Anthony will explain more about how Athlon profiles clients to make sure they’re working with people and brands that align with their values.