IN JULY 2023?

CLIENT SERVICES MASTERMIND: Should You Be Profiling Your Clients?

2pm, Tuesday 4th July 2023

  • Should you be more ‘picky’ with the clients you work with? 
  • Some avoid working with certain companies to uphold their purpose-driven reputation; others say it’s too risky. Where do you sit?
  • In this session, Ranzie Anthony, founder and CEO of Athlon, will share why his agency only works with certain kinds of organisations, as well as the benefits of narrowing your client pool.

AI WHISPERERS: Why Should You Embrace Machine Learning?

2pm, Thursday 6th July 2023

  • While generative tools are having their moment in the sun, in what other ways can your agency harness AI?
  • Vincent Sider, AI trainer and founder of GetInference, says agencies should already be embracing machine learning as part of their funnel – and should be thinking of building their own AI infrastructures too.
  • We’ll be discussing this with Vincent in this month’s AI mastermind – and he’ll also be showing us how machine learning works in action.

What is the Potential of Hiring Distributed Teams?

2pm, Wednesday 12th July 2023

  • The way agencies work has changed drastically in the last three years – but have you ever considered hiring distributed teams?
  • David Wain-Heapy and Bachir Smahi run Prodigi, which helps agencies hire teams that work in harmony all over the world
  • Join us as we talk in more detail about the distributed teams model and its preconceptions, and how it could benefit you and your agency’s growth.

HR & PEOPLE MASTERMIND: How Can You Create an Honest and Open Culture?

2pm, Thursday 13th July 2023

  • Agencies strive to have an open and fair culture – but it’s not as easy as it sounds.
  • This is something that Katy Howell not only champions, but has successfully achieved over the last year at immediate future.
  • Join us as we chat with Katy about creating a more open culture, simply by being upfront as founders – and be sure to bring your own experiences too.

New Leaders’ Hangout

10am, Friday 14th July 2023

  • A lot of our members are taking the reins right now – but it’s a tricky cross to bear.
  • How can you fill your founder’s shoes and assert yourself as a leader, in your own way? How are you adapting to the challenges that come with leadership?
  • This is a space for you to chat about your wins and worries in a safe space with others going through it too.

How to Make Strategic Change Happen in Your Agency

2pm, Tuesday 18th July 2023

  • “When agency owners feel stuck, they normally don’t have anyone to bounce ideas off. So the idea kind of plateaus,” says growth consultant Freia Muehlenbein.
  • Do you have a plan that you’ve been trying to put in motion? Maybe you’re interested in scaling your team, but don’t know where to start – or your financial performance is lower than you’d like, and you need to take your agency’s revenue up a notch.
  • In this session, Freia will be on hand with expert advice on how to ‘get unstuck’ and make meaningful strategic change happen in your business – without the headache.

CLOCKWORK: “How We Got Everyone on the Same Page”

4pm, Wednesday 19th July 2023

  • Matter of Form wanted to take things to the next level as they matured – but to do this, they needed to fine tune their proposition and client engagement models.
  • James Doughty, the agency’s head of operations, decided to drill down into the agency’s services and fine tune their offering to clients.
  • Hear from James on what this mission did for Matter of Form and what changes have been implemented since then.

CFO SURGERY: Scaling Your Finance Function As You Grow

2pm, Thursday 20th July 2023

  • “As your agency becomes more established, usually the complexity of the business increases, you’ve got a bigger team – so there’s a good distance between the owner and the people doing the work,” says Pam Phillips, founder and MD of de Jong Phillips.
  • “But practically, how can leaders build their finance function so that they themselves no longer need to be running the finances themselves?”
  • Pam will be on hand in this month’s CFO Surgery to help you work out how best to scale your finance team, and what hires you should be making for the long-term benefit of your agency.

PPC LEADERS: How Does Your Agency Measure Up?

4pm, Thursday 20th July 2023

  • How do your PPC agency’s processes and operations measure up against those of other agencies?
  • We asked PPC agencies to take part in a major global survey of PPC agency leadership and management – in partnership with Diginius.
  • Join us as we go through the results, and find out how your PPC agency ranks against others, and what you can do to make your business happier and more profitable.

MARKETING & NEW BIZ MASTERMIND: Cold Channel Outreach That Works

11am, Tuesday 25th July 2023

  • Referrals are by far the easiest route for agency new biz…
  • But what happens when the referrals run out?
  • In this session, Steve Fair takes us through what the cold channel outreach landscape really looks like and why – and shares what you can do to create a cheaper (and more sustainable) new biz outreach programme that doesn’t mess with your agency’s brand.

How Do You Bounce Back from Losing Your Biggest Client?

11am, Wednesday 26th July 2023

  • “This time last year, we were making a loss every month – closing our eyes and praying that everything will be alright,” says Andy Headington, CEO at Adido.
  • “Now we’re back to making a profit, but we’ve got too much work!”
  • In this session, Andy tells the story of how his agency turned things around after losing its biggest client – as well as the other harsh lessons he’s learned from running a 20-year-old business.