11am, Tuesday 5th September 2023

  • Agencies love to measure things, set targets and plan accordingly.
  • But when it comes to something as subjective as value, how do you measure this? And how do you approach these conversations with clients.
  • In this month’s client services mastermind, Nadia Ali from Hex Digital is calling on the Agency Hackers hive mind to work this one out.

HR & PEOPLE MASTERMIND: How Are You Improving Diversity and Inclusion in Your Agency?

2pm, Wednesday 6th September 2023

  • What strides are you making to ensure your agency is more inclusive and diverse?
  • James Brown, head of commercial at Comtec Translations, says D&I is at the heart of what his agency does.
  • In this month’s HR and people mastermind, we’re talking to James about how his agency is striving to be more inclusive and diverse – we’re also asking YOU how you’re doing this too. Come along and share what matters to you, and what you’re doing to make a change.

STATE OF THE NATION: Hiring Headaches

11am, Thursday 7th September 2023

  • “We’ve been through a huge amount of people in the last few years – every remote employee we had has now left.”
  • Staff churn is a constant headache for agencies. But right now, it seems more formidable than ever.
  • Come along to discuss your strategies for recruitment and retention with the rest of our agency community – or vent your woes in a room that understands.

MARKETING & NEW BIZ MASTERMIND: Should You Try Direct Mail for New Biz?

11am, Tuesday 12th September 2023

  • Have you ever considered direct mail as a new biz strategy?
  • In this month’s marketing and new biz mastermind, we’ll be hearing from Matthew Stanners, MD at Bearded Fellows, about his venture into direct mail campaigns. 
  • Which clients should you be targeting and how do you decide what to send? Come along to hear the benefits and drawbacks of this new biz strategy, and decide whether it’s worth the effort for your agency.

What’s It Like to
Hire an MD?

11am, Wednesday 13th September 2023

  • When you’re looking to exit, or to move away from the day-to-day, finding someone to take your place can be a huge undertaking.
  • For Jackie Blaker, director at MAXX, the right candidate for the job was crystal clear.
  • Along with new managing director Will Tinson, they’ll be talking about the process of hiring an MD, and what that new dynamic in the business is really like.

CFO SURGERY: What You Need To Know About Taking Your Agency International

2pm, Thursday 14th September 2023

  • Have you ever considered taking your agency abroad?
  • For Cas Majid, it was always part of the business plan. Now, his agency group, WOW, handles clients from Western Europe to the UAE.
  • In this month’s finance mastermind, Cas will be joining us to share his experience of building his agency into a multinational business – and the lessons he’s learned along the way. 

AI WHISPERERS: “How We Use AI for New Biz”

11am, Tuesday 19th September 2023

  • Everyone is using AI right now, and there are endless use cases for it.
  • For Simon Douglass, it has been a helpful tool when it comes to successfully winning more new biz than ever before.
  • Simon will be telling us how he’s been using it to streamline his new biz process – and how you could do it too.

Is It Better to Chase Revenue Instead of Profitability?

11am, Wednesday 20th September 2023

  • Do you get a bit too caught up on profitability and margin? At Quietroom, they’ve decided to change tack completely, and focus on revenue instead.
  • “If you’re overly focused on profit, the easiest way to increase margin is to cut costs – but you can actually restrict your growth ambitions if you’re just eking profit out of everything you can,” says board director Chloe Taylor.
  • Chloe will be on hand to discuss the revenue-focused journey Quietroom has been on so far this year, and what she sees next on the horizon.

OPERATIONS MASTERMIND: How Can You Create a Process ‘Playbook’ That Sticks?

11am, Thursday 21st September 2023

  • “I can’t find a right way of doing it,” says Simon Cole, founder of Ridgeway. “You either have too much documentation or too little documentation.”
  • How do YOU document YOUR agency’s processes?
  • In this session, we’ll be discussing how to create a process ‘playbook’ for your agency, and strategies for encouraging people to stick to it.

PPC LEADERS: “How We Levelled Up Our Client Reporting”

4pm, Tuesday 26th September 2023

  • Above all else, clients want to see (good) results. So, when it comes to client reporting, Gareth Hoyle, CEO and MD of Marketing Signals, believes it’s better to show rather than tell.
  • He’ll be showing us how he’s levelled up his client reporting in SEO, and how you can leverage this for your own paid media results reports too.
  • We’ll also be talking about client touchpoints, and how to make better use of both your agency and your clients’ time.

New Leaders’ Hangout

10am, Friday 29th September 2023

  • A lot of our members are taking the reins right now – but it’s a tricky cross to bear.
  • How can you fill your founder’s shoes and assert yourself as a leader, in your own way? How are you adapting to the challenges that come with leadership?
  • This is a space for you to chat about your wins and worries in a safe space with others going through it too.