Wed 12 July 2023 2:00pm UK time

“The agency world is always very feast or famine. You’ve got a pipeline of stuff, you don’t know when it’s going to drop, so you don’t know when you should be hiring people for it.”

“All of a sudden, you get three projects at once that you expected to come sooner. It’s like, ‘Oh shit, we haven’t got all hands on deck to deliver’.”

This is a problem that David Wain-Heapy and Bachir Smahi faced on several occasions when they founded Best Response Media in 2009. But a few years in, they found a solution.

“A massive game-changer when running our agency was hiring distributed teams,” says David. “We were always struggling to find good people quickly. The salaries were insane in London, and the skills weren’t there.”

David and Bachir started hiring distributed teams over ten years ago. They quickly built-up several teams – development, design, SEO and project management and even client services – across Europe, and it completely turned their agency around.

In fact, when they sold their agency last year, the majority of their team was based outside of the UK.

David and Bachir have had such success in hiring distributed teams that they now help other agencies do this too at Prodigi.

They’ll be joining us to talk about:

• The benefits of having a distributed workforce.
• Maintaining company culture with people all over the world.
• Preconceptions and concerns of hiring distributed teams.

“Agencies can’t believe how good these people are,” says David. “We are always placing people from overseas in agencies that are struggling to find people. The talent’s knowledge is top level, there are significant salary savings – and there’s no catch.”

Join us as we talk in more detail about the distributed teams model with David and Bachir – and how it could benefit you and your agency’s growth too.