IN MARCH 2024?

CLIENT SERVICES MASTERMIND: What Do Clients REALLY Want from Agencies?

2pm, Tuesday 5th March 2024

  • Client services consultant Jo Rogers recently conducted some research, asking clients what they REALLY want from agencies. She’ll be sharing her insights, and how you can empower yourselves and your agency-client relationships.
  • “I think a lot of clients want honesty, they want that reality check. They want to know what the implications are.”
  • If you want to get inside the minds of your clients, and you’re desperate to know how to REALLY make them happier, join us as Jo shares her incredible insights.

Female Founder Hangout

11am, Thursday 7th March 2024

  • The path of a female leader is filled with unique challenges. You not only have a business to keep afloat, but you must also traipse through the trials and tribulations of living as a woman in the 21st century.
  • With this in mind, we want to give you a dedicated space to discuss your challenges with a group of people who truly understand.
  • In this open forum session, come along to share your wins and woes with the group, and get advice from others in your shoes.

GOOD AGENCIES: What Can You Do Instead of B Corp?

11am, Wednesday 13th March 2024

  • Being B Corp certified is a big claim to fame in the agency world. But is it the only way to achieve genuine corporate responsibility?
  • In this session, we’ll be joined by Katie Parry and Ed Roberts to talk about the reality of pursuing the certification, why it’s not suitable for everyone, and the other practical, impactful actions your agency can make instead.
  • If you’re looking to make a difference, but unsure if B Corp is right for you, join this discussion to see what alternatives are out there – and what impact you could make without the big shiny badge.

CFO SURGERY: How Can You Increase Your Agency’s Value?

2pm, Thursday 14th March 2024

  • If your business isn’t sellable, then something is wrong. But this doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world.
  • In this month’s CFO surgery, we’re joined by Pam Phillips, founder and MD of de Jong Phillips, to discuss how you can increase the value of your agency – including the best strategies and financial processes to implement.
  • If you’re wondering how to increase the value of your agency, whether you’re looking to sell in the not-so-distant future or not, Pam has the answers for you.

MARKETING AND NEW BIZ: How To Refine Your Pitch Process

11am, Tuesday 19th March 2024

  • Too often, you put so much time, effort, creativity and resources into a pitch for your client – only to get ghosted. It’s forcing some agencies to act desperately…
  • “A lot of people are thinking, ‘We just need the work, so let’s be ‘yes people’. But you’re setting yourself up for failure,” says Rachel Raphael, co-founder of outskirt collective.
  • In this month’s Marketing & New Biz mastermind, Rachel Raphael and Caroline Sparkes will delve into how you can refine your pitch process and avoid being ghosted by clients.

How Could Podcasting Help You With Growth and New Biz?

11am, Wednesday 20th March 2024

  • It seems like everyone has a podcast these days – it’s impossible to scroll through any social media platform without being subject to two people talking over a microphone.
  • But how could this work to your agency’s advantage?
  • Dan Cottrell of The Podcast Guys will be joining us to talk about the benefits of agencies and their clients using podcasting for growth and new biz.

AI WHISPERERS: “How We’re Embracing AI Across the Entire Agency”

2pm, Tuesday 26th March 2024

  • Last year, Revere decided to go ‘all in’ on AI. They have a two-pronged approach to this: experimentation and transparency.
  • In this session, client services director Zoe Bevis and operations director Ryan McKenna will be telling us all about the agency’s ‘Lead On AI’ project.
  • They’ll delve into how they’re using AI to run the agency more efficiently and explore new ways of servicing clients – all the while remaining 100% transparent.

STATE OF THE NATION: How’s 2024 Treating You So Far?

2pm, Thursday 28th March 2024

  • Last year was certainly a tumultuous one for agencies, to say the least. Leaders had to swat away all sorts of irritating problems.
  • But that was last year – and 2024 has the potential to turn things around for everyone. So, where do you sit? Has Q1 turned out okay for your agency so far? Are things looking good? Or are remnants from 2024 still present?
  • Come along and share your experience with the rest of the Agency Hackers community and see how you’re faring in comparison to other agencies like yours.