Thur 28 Mar 2023 2.00pm UK time

Last year was certainly a tumultuous one for agencies, to say the least. Leaders had to swat away all sorts of irritating problems.

“We’ve got a big tier of senior people who can’t all run the business, so figuring out their different paths and how they’re involved in decision-making has been really hard,” one person told us. 

“We’re also on a growth journey, but with a lot of senior leaders who are quite risk-averse and not keen to spend,” said another.

Whilst some were concerned about having too many senior cooks in the kitchen, others were forced back down into the weeds – to keep a close eye on sales and delivery.

“Our ability to convert sales quickly is a challenge at present, which is impacting revenue and cash flow.” 

“Sales conversion has been very slow, mainly due to lengthy and complex procurement processes being implemented. They appear to be focused only on the price, which compromises the quality and value we can demonstrate to new clients and in project delivery.”

But that was last year – and 2024 has the potential to turn things around for everyone.

So, where do you sit? Has Q1 turned out okay for your agency so far? Are things looking good? Or are remnants from 2024 still present?