Weds 1st May 2024 11:00am UK time

When it comes to AI adoption, the agency playing field is still pretty uneven.

You’ve got your rookies and your bluffers, and some agencies who have already folded – while others are pushing all of their chips to the middle of the table. 

One of the latter, more confident agencies, is Revere. This year, they decided to go ‘all in’ on AI. 

“We recognise that if we don’t embrace AI as an agency, we’re going to fall behind,” says client services director, Zoe Bevis. “But there has to be a cultural shift in the business because people are scared – you see it in the team.”

Revere has a two-pronged approach to embracing AI: experimentation and transparency.

The transparency part comes into play with clients – empowering them to use it in-house so the agency could free up budget for the bigger and better ideas that could never be done before. 

“Our vision is: if we help clients with AI, they’re going to stay with us,” says Zoe. “One, we’ve got really good partnerships anyway, and two, with the leftover budget, think of all the other amazing content experiences that we couldn’t create before. Things they can’t do in-house, that AI can’t do either. That’s the journey we’re on.”

The experimentation part refers to internal efforts to make processes run smoother and quicker, led by operations director Ryan McKenna

“There’s a huge part for humans to play in this change. While we don’t want people to become lazy, because we still want our team to be the knowledge holders for clients, there are some really clever ways that we can use it.”

Revere runs regular training for the full team, often breaking into groups to test what they can use AI for. They’ve also set up a new portal that allows the team to submit AI tools and software they think should be rolled out company-wide.

“It’s another tool that helps us create efficiencies and allows us to do things more effectively, which we can then pass on to our clients.”

Zoe and Ryan will be telling us all about Revere’s ‘Lead On AI’ project. They’ll delve into how they’re using AI to run the agency more efficiently and explore new ways of servicing clients – all the while remaining 100% transparent.