Weds 20 Mar 2024 11:00am UK time

It seems like everyone has a podcast these days – it’s impossible to scroll through any social media platform without being subject to two people talking over a microphone.

But how could this work to your agency’s advantage?

“Podcasting has exploded recently, and there is huge value for brands and agencies if it’s unlocked the right way,” says Dan Cottrell from The Podcast Guys.

So what is the ‘right way’? According to Dan, there are several questions to ask before you sit in front of that mic and press record.

“What do you want to get out of this podcast?” asks Dan. “Is it brand awareness? Is it to improve internal communications? Is it to support learning and development with your team? It’s important to know how podcasting will fit into your overall strategy before you start.”

You also need to ask yourself: “Who do you want to listen to your podcast? And what do you want that ideal listener to do once they’ve listened?”

Dan will be joining us to talk about the benefits of agencies and their clients using podcasting for growth and new biz, including:

  • The importance of a well-planned podcast strategy BEFORE you even think of ordering all that expensive tech.
  • The business objectives for launching a podcast in the first place – and making that part of your pre-production process.
  • The different ways in which an agency can leverage a podcast beyond audio form.

A key selling point of podcasts isn’t just the audio itself – but the amount of repurposed content at your disposal.

“You can create all sorts of assets from your podcast,” explains Dan. “You might have a show that runs for 45 minutes, and there will be key components within that that can be edited down for social media clips, video assets, audiograms, even a full-length YouTube video.”

 “And then particularly for B2B, you’ve got transcripts – with a bit of creative copywriting you can turn these into downloadable thought leadership papers, or a blog post for your website.”

With everyone launching a podcast, you might be unsure if this is the right tactic for you – and it requires a lot of time and investment.

“Like with any piece of marketing, consistency is key,” says Dan. “Without any kind of strategy, doing the pre-production work and coming up with a winning formula and format that works for your agency’s aims, then it’s likely to be just another of the 5m podcasts in the graveyard.”

Come along and find out more from Dan about the benefits of podcasting as a marketing tool – and why it should be your next move.