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Membership costs £150 +VAT per month, and covers your whole agency.

(Still thinking about it? Read on…)

What Do You Get When You Join?

20+ live sessions
per month

Almost every day you and your team can take part in a live talk or discussion with other agencies on the topics you care about most. (Here’s the current schedule.)

Video archive

We record everything, so if there’s a session you miss you can catch up in the video archive. We have over 200 sessions in there now for you to enjoy.

Community forum

You and your team can take part in an active Guild forum with 500 other agencies. Share wisdom and seek help.

Peer-to-peer coaching

Get help and motivation in small, private coaching groups. You meet once a month for three months – then we switch up the groups.

Engage your whole team

When you join we’ll do an onboarding session, where we explain to your team how they can get involved in Agency Hackers.

What People Say

Jonathan Ford

“Agency Hackers is a great way to mix with other agency leaders from across the creative spectrum and expose yourself to fresh ideas.”

Jonathan Ford – Pearlfisher
Kelly Molson

“Great speakers and a brilliant format. Agency Hackers lets you get out of the office and meet people who understand the journey you’re on.”

Kelly Molson – Rubber Cheese


If you’d like to know more about Agency Hackers before you join, schedule some time to have a chat.

Q) We are under £1m in revenue. Can we join?

A) Yes. If you plan to grow or you have big ambitions, it will probably help you to be in a group where being over the “magic million” is normal and expected. If you are literally just starting out and £150 + VAT a month feels like a big outgoing, then we probably aren’t right for you yet.

Q) How much does it cost?

A) Agency Hackers costs £150 per month + VAT. We don’t make you sign up for a year – you can cancel at any time. You can pay via credit / debit card or via Direct Debit.

Q) Is it just for UK agencies or are you international?

We used to be quite UK centric, but now we’re adding agencies in the USA, Europe and the Middle East all the time.

Q) Can I join if I sell stuff to agencies?

A) Sorry, not at the moment. We don’t allow any sponsorship or promotion to our members. This might change if we ever figure out a way to do it that isn’t cheesy, but that’s our policy for the time being.

Q) Is Agency Hackers just full of men?

A) Many agency communities are indeed very ‘dude-y’ – but Agency Hackers is noticeably mixed. You’ll usually find the balance is at least 40% female – often more. We haven’t done anything particularly special to attract women, other than running nice events with pleasant people who aren’t egotistical show-offs!