Meet other agency leaders in private coaching groups

We’re introducing a new way for you to meet other agency leaders, stay focused and help others. It’s a structured program exclusively for Agency Hackers members.

  • Private peer-to-peer coaching for agency leaders
  • Make plans, set strategy and share your wisdom
  • Small groups, curated by agency size

What is War Room?

Introduction to War Room

Welcome to the War Room! You’re going to be matched with friendly agency leaders running similar-sized businesses to yours.

  • You meet once a month for 60 minutes
  • Each session follows a simple, structured format
  • You’re there to listen and ask questions – not solve people’s problems

You’ll meet four times – and then you’ll be matched with a brand new set of people. It’s a great way to clear your head, solve your problems and grow your network.

What topics can i bring to the war room?

You can bring pretty much any issue you like into the War Room.

You can share challenges

Perhaps your relationship with a colleague has broken down. Maybe you’ve noticed a quality issue, or you’re finding it hard to manage your workload. All of these topics and more are welcome.

You can validate opportunities

Have you been offered a new opportunity in some area of work or life? Perhaps there’s an opportunity for growth in new market. War Room is just not for crises – it’s equally powerful for exploring opportunities and uncovering your thinking around them.

You can float ideas

If you have an idea rolling around your head, there could be some value in bringing it to the group – no matter how fragile. Letting an idea evolve through questioning and reflection could kickstart something with potential – or discard an unhelpful whim.

A woman speaking at a conference

How do the sessions work?

People talking around a table

Each War Room session follows a simple format.

Everybody gets some time to speak, completely uninterrupted. When they’ve finished, others respond – but ONLY with questions.

War Room is based on these principles:

1) You probably already possess the resources, knowledge or ability to positively impact the situation you’re presenting.

2) It is not the responsibility of the listening team to “fix” the issues that are presented.

3) There is always a choice being made.

The beauty of War Room is that you don’t have to have the answers. Embracing that creates an environment of genuine curiosity and growth potential.

Your only responsibilities are to listen, ask questions, and get curious about what’s really going on. Enjoy the freedom of not having to take on someone else’s challenge.

Common questions people have

Q) How do you decide who gets put with who?

A) We’re grouping War Room according to certain conditions. These will probably change as we learn more about what works and what doesn’t.

  • Agency leaders get put with other agency leaders of a similar size
  • Agency employees are NOT mixed according to agency size – instead we try to group by discipline. For example, marketing people go with marketing people.

This one isn’t a 100% strict rule. Because we’re following a coaching format, War Room still works well even if people are from different agency functions. But that’s how we’re trying to do it for now!