Turning Office Blues into Belly Laughs: Nice N’ Spiky’s Unconventional Cure to Corporate Monotony

5 months ago

Clara Heimerdinger has been bringing laughs into the workplace since 2019

As businesses struggled to keep employees engaged in a work-from-home world during the pandemic, one innovative entertainment company found a solution.

Spearheaded by Clara Heimerdinger, Nice N’ Spiky brought laughter into the living rooms of corporate teams with their tailored virtual comedy events. Now, as the world returns to a semblance of normalcy, Clara and her team have adapted and expanded their services, bringing comedy and workshops directly into the office.

During the peak of COVID-19, Nice N’ Spiky Comedy entered into an unexpected new venture – bringing high-quality virtual entertainment to companies that were fed up with the monotony of online quizzes and cocktail kits. Their approach to comedy is unique – blending the comfort of home with the electrifying atmosphere of a live comedy club. 

Audiences enjoying the comedy events

Clara’s team went to great lengths to create an interactive experience, complete with professional technicians and engaging comedians.

Fast forward to 2023, Clara’s venture has evolved into offering on-site comedy experiences that cater to corporate events of any size, from intimate gatherings to large-scale parties. These events have proven to be a hit, with clients in London raving that Nice N Spiky’s event was “the best social we’ve ever done.”

The secret to Clara’s success is customisation. Every comedy lineup is meticulously crafted, considering the office demographic and the event’s purpose, whether it’s an end-of-quarter celebration or a festive holiday gathering. 

Their events offer a hassle-free alternative to traditional office parties, eliminating the need for event organizers to manage tickets and transportation logistics. Clara’s team have transformed:

  • Office canteens
  • Meeting rooms
  • Cinemas
  • No space is too unusual! 
Comedians are specially tailored to each event

In addition to live comedy events, Clara has introduced a new branch to her business: public speaking workshops led by a professional stand up comedian. These workshops are designed to give people confidence in communication and teach attendees how to engage an audience effectively, whether they’re delivering a business pitch or a wedding toast! 

  • If you ask anyone what their greatest fear is, one of the most common answers will be speaking in public, these workshops use humour and wit to get past these fears. Clara also notes that these sessions will be capped at around 12 people, to ensure that everyone in the room is able to make the most of the advice and receive a personalised and interactive attention.

As Nice N’ Spiky Comedy continues to adapt and grow, Clara’s business is not just a testament to the resilience and creativity of the entertainment industry but also a beacon for corporate event innovation. With plans to partner with events agencies and a commitment to bespoke service, Nice N’ Spiky is poised to keep offices laughing and learning for years to come.

For companies interested in booking with Nice n Spiky, the process begins with a simple phone call to Clara. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution here; every event and workshop is tailored to fit the unique needs and spaces of each client.

With a diverse team ready to travel beyond London and comedians who can charm any audience, Clara’s business is setting the stage for the next evolution of corporate entertainment.

Anyone interested in learning more can contact Clara via email – [email protected]

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