The SEO Works Unveils Simbec-Orion’s Brand New Website

1 month ago

The technical limitations of the original website meant The SEO Works could redesign the whole thing

The SEO Works has revealed its work on a brand new project.


Market-leading Contract Research Organisation Simbec-Orion launched their brand new website, which was designed and developed by the award winning Web team at The SEO Works.

The world of clinical research is extremely fast-moving and requires constant innovation to stay at the forefront of new developments. This need to stay ahead of the competition led Simbec-Orion to partner with digital marketing agency The SEO Works for assistance with their SEO efforts.

  • However, as the team got to work, it quickly became apparent that the current Simbec-Orion site had functional and technical limitations, that might hinder campaign progress.

To overcome this roadblock, the decision was made to also utilise the agency’s in-house Web service, to design and develop a state-of-the-art website. With experts from both teams in constant communication throughout the project, the site could be built with complete SEO compliance, whilst still creating a strong and eye-catching visual identity.

The exciting thing about this project was that we already knew the key areas for improvement required to elevate Simbec Orion’s overall web presence

Graham Jones

Karen McCusker, Associate Director of Simbec-Orion said: “We needed to bring our website into line visually with our new branding, style and colour palette and wanted to take the opportunity to make some changes on the back end.  Specifically, we wanted more flexibility in page design, as well as an enhanced visitor experience. 

  • “We also needed to make it quicker and easier for in-house updates to be made, and to future-proof the site as much as we could.  The SEO Works team provided us with lots of additional suggestions and the refreshed site is even better than we imagined it would be.”

The resulting site ticks all of the boxes for Simbec-Orion, and more.

Created utilising the highly customisable WordPress block functionality, the state-of-the-art website provides accessibility for both front-end and back-end users. Further to this, was the addition of a fresh resource section with membership functionality, the integration of tracking for their CRM platform, and more.

Graham Jones, Head of Web said: “The exciting thing about this project was that we already knew the key areas for improvement required to elevate Simbec Orion’s overall web presence.

  • “We were able to leverage WordPress v6.4’s site wide editing capability to good effect, to implement a custom theme with custom blocks that offered versatility and ease of use in the backend, whilst maintaining a good aesthetic on the frontend.

“We appreciated the client’s clear and consistent communication which helped ensure nothing was missed in the update. The client really understood the value and complexity a project like this has, and their flexible and patient approach ensured we got the quality result we were striving for.”

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