The PHA Group Takes on Digital PR Duties for EA Mobility

1 month ago

The PHA Group is extending it’s offering for EA Mobility

The PHA Group has been appointed by a family run bathroom solutions provider to deliver an integrated Digital PR Brief.

EA Mobility is a specialised bathroom provider, aimed at people with mobility needs. With its range of accessible bathrooms, EA Mobility provides tailored solutions across the UK.  

  • Providing solutions such as walk in showers and baths, as well as other specialist adaptations, EA Mobility works with both individuals with needs and healthcare specialists. Offering quick lead times, with an in-house construction team, EA Mobility’s products come with a lifetime guarantee to ensure peace of mind for customers.  

The PHA Group was initially appointed to deliver PPC solutions for EA Mobility in late 2023, and this work has now been extended to include Digital PR services, via a data led SEO strategy, to help increase the brand’s online visibility. 

Kian Carvell at EA Mobility, commented: “We look forward to increasing our scope with The PHA Group and continuing to work with their different services.” 

David Schulhof, Director of Digital at The PHA Group, added: “In just a matter of weeks of working with Kian and his team, we have been able to delivery great results on the PPC side of things.

“We are excited to expand our partnership into digital PR and showcase how niche sectors such as bathroom mobility solutions can still breed creative digital PR campaigns and achieve great coverage.” 

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