Rankin Creative Transforms into The Hunger

3 weeks ago

Creative agency aligns with iconic HUNGER magazine to blend agency, editorial and entertainment offering

Leading creative agency, Rankin Creative, has rebranded to The Hunger, bringing together HUNGER magazine – also founded by world renowned photographer Rankin – and its post-production, entertainment and agency capabilities.

The strategic repositioning reflects the agency’s focus on unlocking the power of brands to help drive social, commercial and cultural change through creativity.

Fuelled by a hunger for cultural relevance and creative excellence, The Hunger will specialise in challenging conventions, disrupting norms, and rewriting the rules of advertising and brand building for its clients – which include Mercedes AMG, De Beers, Climeworks and Henkel.

With a diverse team drawn from fashion, luxury, editorial, entertainment, brand consultancy and advertising backgrounds, the creative company will be led by:

  • CEO Richard Pinder
  • MD, Amy Claridge
  • Chief Strategy Officer & Head of Entertainment Development Nimi Raja
  • Chief Creative Officer, Warren Beeby

The team are aligned on the urge to communicate and connect through delivering high-end, impactful creative work.

At The Hunger, we recognise that nothing exists in isolation

Amy Claridge

This transformation supports Rankin’s original vision of putting people at the heart of everything, ensuring that The Hunger pioneers innovative approaches that resonate authentically with audiences.

“In today’s dynamic landscape, we must embrace change fearlessly,” says Founder, Rankin. “Our journey over the past five years has shown us the need to adapt and evolve, honouring every facet of our business and its collective strength. In 2024 it felt very old fashioned to be a founder named agency.

“Plus, I’ve always believed that you should work with people cleverer than you and that’s what we’ve built. It really feels like it’s time for them to soar.”

CEO, Richard Pinder says: “Our story is one of evolution and constant reinvention, we envision a creative company built not on conventional blueprints but on innovation, collaboration, and a relentless hunger for positive change. 

  • “This move brings together a world-class team and a modern creative company, ready to build on the work we’ve already done for the likes of Rolls Royce and De Beers, generating transformative results.”

Amy Claridge, managing director said: “At The Hunger, we recognise that nothing exists in isolation. 

“We work together in service of our audiences and our brands’ audiences. Each part of our business is interconnected, fostering mutual growth while maintaining individuality.

“Our agency is dedicated to pioneering brand-building practices, while HUNGER Magazine serves as a catalyst for cultural discourse, at the very heart of our business.”

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