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6 months ago

Find out why Leadsie is one of Agency Hackers’ Recommended Partners

It’s 2020, the world’s in lockdown, and while most of us are binge-watching shows, Robert Desmond and Johannes Radig, are busy cooking up something that’ll make waves in digital marketing. 

Enter Leadsie – what started as a lockdown project, turned into a must-have tool for marketing agencies struggling to get their hands on clients’ marketing goodies.

It all kicked off as a simple Facebook audit tool, but when the team showed it to agency leaders, they found out they had missed the mark slightly. However, Johannes and Robert weren’t phased – instead they went back to look at all of the data they had collected from agency surveys and created a tool to make the life of an agency much easier. 

They saw that there was a huge headache in terms of gaining access to clients’ social media & advertising accounts.

It can be a mammoth process for all involved – endless PDFs, email back and forth to chase for (the right!) access, tiresome zoom calls, files full of passwords and two factor authentication codes – and can also put work at a standstill.

Leadsie aimed to fix this problem.

And the software the team created cuts out a lot of faff and time in the creative process. With Leadsie, all an agency needs to do is send a link to their client, get them to click it and, there you have it, access to everything you need to get started on projects. 

There is just a lot of back and forth which can cause delays in work – but our software makes it super easy for the clients and the agency

Johannes Radig

Co-founder Johannes, who previously ran a digital marketing agency and has freelanced in the industry, saw firsthand the pitfalls in existing systems, saying: “We noticed a lot of mistakes in the way agencies managed ads for startups. There was a clear need for a tool that not only made ad management easier but also facilitated lead generation for agencies.”

He went on to explain that even for the most tech savvy of people, the onboarding process for social media is not a fun one. “There can be a lot of chasing and even when the clients hand over what you need, there can be more problems when it comes to access levels that they maybe haven’t thought about yet. 

  • “There is just a lot of back and forth which can cause delays in work. But our software makes it super easy for the clients and the agency – all they need to do is send a link to the client, the client logs in the different accounts and click confirm to give the agency access. 

“In 96% of cases it is literally one click, in some case it is two or three clicks, but we make sure it is super easy for everyone. And that obviously, is really crucial for agencies because it saves them time. But It also makes a much better impression in the beginning of a client relationship. 

“The onboarding is a really crucial phase where the client doesn’t really know you yet – they trust you but they don’t know just how good you are yet, so you want to make this good impression. Our software helps to do this as there are no frustrated calls about access to social and marketing accounts.”

And so far, Leadsie has helped a massive 60,000 clients grant agencies access to over 100,000 accounts, which is a testament in itself to the success of the software.

  • Feedback has shown that clients are over the moon, probably because the team actually took the time to listen to what leaders actually needed to create this game-changing software. It’s not just a time-saver; it’s like finding a secret passage in a labyrinth. 

Plus, it’s tight on security – no more password-sharing nightmares or tripping over two-factor authentication. Agencies can now focus on delivering results faster, improving client satisfaction, and starting billing earlier.

And the future’s looking bright for Leadsie, so it is definitely the time to be getting involved. They’re not just sitting back and admiring their work. Instead, they’re out there, digging into what agencies need next, ready to keep making things smoother and smarter in the digital marketing playground.

In short, Leadsie is a game-changer for agencies and a breath of fresh air in a world where clicking faster and staying secure can make all the difference.

You can find out more about Leadsie and what they can offer you and your agency here – you can also try out a free trial of the software to see just how easy it can be!

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