Meet Insites: Empowering Agencies to Make Informed Decisions

3 months ago

Insites could be a game changer for data in your agency – find out why they are Agency Hackers latest Recommended Partner

In a digital world where data reigns supreme, agencies often find themselves navigating through a sea of analytics and metrics. 

This is where Insites, a helpful platform specialising in digital marketing audits, emerges as a lighthouse for agencies seeking to understand their clients, get more leads, increase sales and produce better websites with precision and insight.

Born from a need to provide smaller agencies with fast, efficient ways to analyse and identify gaps in online presence, Insites, Agency Hackers’ new Recommended Partner has evolved into a powerhouse platform, empowering agencies to convert these insights into sales success strategies.

What Insites Offers

  • Digital Marketing Audits – Insites conducts comprehensive scans of websites, including Google pages, social media presence, and advertising to offer an overview of their online presence. This data is then condensed into digestible reports that agencies can leverage to pitch and improve client projects
  • Strategic Planning and Sales Enablement – Insites doesn’t just stop at data collection. It aids agencies in identifying potential clients who could benefit from digital services. With this information, agencies can engage customers more effectively, showcasing how their services can resolve specific online issues and prove that changes made have had a positive impact
  • Customisable and Scalable – Recognising that no two agencies are alike, Insites offers customisable audits. Agencies can tailor audits to match their strengths and services, making the platform adaptable to various business models and scales. From freelancers to large agencies, Insites can handle diverse needs with its scalable approach
  • User-Friendly and Fast – Speed and accuracy are the hallmarks of Insites. Agencies can receive detailed, easy-to-understand reports within minutes, helping them make informed decisions and sales narratives for prospects swiftly
  • All-In-One Platform – Insites consolidates multiple audit needs into a single platform. Whether it’s SEO, ad budgets, or compliance issues like GDPR, agencies can find all the necessary audit checks in one place

The Insites Advantage

Insites stands out by offering something more than just data collection – it’s about empowering agencies with the tools and insights to make informed decisions. The platform is designed to be an agency’s ally in the complex world of digital marketing, providing clarity and direction in a field that is often inundated with data.

Agencies interested in experiencing the Insites advantage can start with a trial, exploring the tool’s capabilities and seeing firsthand how it can transform their approach to digital marketing and client management.

In a nutshell, Insites is not just an auditing platform; it’s a partner for agencies in their journey towards digital excellence. By offering detailed audits, strategic insights, and a customisable approach, Insites positions itself as an indispensable resource for agencies aiming to thrive in the digital arena.

Insites is offering Agency Hackers members an exclusive discount code, which can be used once, any time. It gives users 50% off the Insites Starter or Growth plan for three months with code ‘HACKERS

If you would like to find out more about what Insites an offer your agency, or talk to someone about onboarding, visit the website here.

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