Meet Delesign: The Graphic Design Dynamo Changing the Game for Agencies

6 months ago

Find out why Delesign is Agency Hackers’ new Recommended Partner

Good graphic designers can be hard to find – and can come at a a huge cost to your agency.

So what if we told you that there is a service of fully trained and approved graphic designers waiting to take on all your design needs?

Delesign, Agency Hackers’ latest Recommended Partner, is an innovative design service with a completely unique approach to graphic designers. Shaival Mehta, co-CEO of the service, explained that the company was founded to fill a much needed gap in the market that would ensure agencies are able to keep up with creative needs.

Picture this: You’re in dire need of top-notch design work but don’t want to break the bank hiring a full-time designer. This was the exact scenario that led to the birth of Delesign.

And what really sets Delesign apart is their subscription model. Think of it like having a graphic designer on speed dial, but you’re not tied down with a full-time commitment or the associated costs. This model is a godsend for agencies, especially when the workload sees more ups and downs than a rollercoaster.

Delesign’s got two main packages that are as straightforward as they come. For $599 or $799 a month, you get access to a range of services, with the pricier option dishing out UI/UX design, video editing, and 2D animation. With two hours of dedicated design time per day, the sky’s the limit on the number of projects and revisions you can request.

A Four-Step Process to Delesign Excellence

  1. Matching with a Designer: On signing up, clients provide information about their company and preferred schedule. Delesign matches them with a dedicated designer within one business day​​.
  2. Submitting Requests: Clients can submit their design requests via the client portal or email, detailing their specific needs and uploading any necessary files​​.
  3. Designing Phase: Promising turnarounds of less than one business day for simple designs and regular updates for more complex projects, Delesign ensures a seamless client experience. Clients collaborate directly with their designers through various communication channels​​.
  4. Receiving Files: Completed designs are sent to clients in native Adobe formats and other requested file types. Clients retain full ownership of all files created​​.

Quality is not something we are ‘hopeful’ for – it is something that we assure

Shaival Mehta

Unique Features and Benefits

  • Risk-Free Trial: A 15-day money-back guarantee allows clients to assess the service fit without commitment​​.
  • Unlimited Design and Revisions: Clients enjoy the flexibility of submitting unlimited design requests and revisions​​.
  • Fast Turnaround: Most projects are completed within 24 hours, with longer times for more complex tasks​​.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Clients choose their designer’s working hours from two available shifts to facilitate real-time communication​​.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Delesign’s efficient design process and designer-client matching system significantly reduce costs​​.
  • No Minimum Contract Term: Clients have the freedom to cancel the service at any time without any obligation​​.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: If clients are not 100% satisfied within 15 days, they can receive a full refund and keep their completed designs​​.

Shaival explained: “I think one of the challenges that a lot of agencies have is that they have to rely on the clients to provide the graphics, or to just use whatever is provided to them.

“But here, this service is giving agencies control over what those graphics are – so if they’re running a marketing campaign, they can ensure that all the graphics are what they want and need to maximise the campaign. And this is empowering the agencies to have a design capability at hand, which they might not have had otherwise.”

Quality Without Compromise

Now, you might be thinking, ‘Lower cost equals lower quality,’ right?

Wrong. Delesign is all about delivering top-shelf quality without the top-shelf price.

The team only hire the best, making sure each designer is talented enough to make the cut – and then Delesign provides them with training, meaning they are completely approved by the Shaival and Delesign: “We are not a marketplace for designers.

  • “We don’t hire a designer just when there’s a need for it, we have a pool of designers that we train up and then give out to clients. So quality is not something we are ‘hopeful’ for – it is something that we assure.

Delesign isn’t just about saving money.

It’s a fresh take on graphic design services, blending affordability, quality, and flexibility. For agencies looking to up their design game without the usual fuss, Delesign is like finding a treasure trove.

You can find out more about Delesign and its services here.

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