Jory&Co Clinches Two Webby Awards for Climate Change Campaign

1 month ago

The team are celebrating a double win at the prestigious Webby Awards

Jory&Co has won two Webby Awards for their standout work on climate campaign website,

The creative agency earned the Best Data Visualisation Award and snagged the People’s Voice Award for Activism, celebrating a huge win for both the team and their client.

Designed to call out the harsh realities of climate change, is all about holding powerful oil companies accountable.

The site brilliantly uses data visuals to spotlight how these companies raked in massive profits in 2023—Earth’s hottest year on record—which only fueled more frequent and severe climate disasters.

Ben Jory, Founder and Creative Director, said: “A site and brand we created was awarded Best Data Visualisation by the judging panel and the People’s Voice Award for Activism at The Webby Awards. This is a huge achievement for our team and wonderful client. And to be recognised for our work on such an important climate change campaign makes it even more rewarding.

“This site is about accountability and speaking truth to power.

“The earth experienced its hottest year EVER in 2023 – causing more frequent and extreme climate events. In the same year, Big Oil companies made billions in profits, increased their emissions, and walked back on climate pledges.

  • “They should pay for the damage they’re causing, simple as that. The site exposes this shocking juxtaposition of extreme wealth and the devastation of our planet using bold data visualisation to highlight the shocking facts.”

Winning at The Webby Awards is a big nod to Jory&Co’s knack for merging creative design with meaningful activism and highlight the teams ability to use compelling visuals to start conversations.

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