Green Ginger Digital Named One of the Best Independent Agencies

6 months ago

Emily Proctor speaks to Agency Hackers News about exceeding goals and standing out


Green Ginger Digital are celebrating being recognised as one of the UK’s best independent agencies of the year.

The recent title was given to the rapidly growing team as part of Prolific North’s Independent Agencies of 2023 Awards. And despite being up against contenders from all across the industry, spanning different sectors and sizes, the team came out as one of the top 15 agencies to watch in the country.

Emily Proctor, co-founder of Green Ginger Digital, is proud of all the achievements that her and the team have worked towards in such a short amount of time. Opening in January 2020, the agency has outpaces its own expectations over the three years, establishing itself as a force to be reckoned with in the digital landscape.

Green Ginger Digital co-founders Nick and Emily

Emily Proctor said: “We’re definitely defying our expectations. So I think that it was quite nice to get that validation from Prolific North.

“It was just great to be recognised amongst some other great agencies. We always say that we probably don’t shout very loud about what we’re doing. So it was quite nice to see that we actually are getting recognised and being picked out as one of those agencies at the forefront of being independent.

We are making waves against some of the other big players. So I think, from that perspective, I felt quite proud to be listed there amongst some other good candidates.

“Often we are just heads down working hard, and it’s easy to forget how far you’ve traveled in four years. So that was good to reflect on.”

Green Ginger Digital’s ethos has always been rooted in innovation and forward-thinking. As part of their ongoing efforts to stay ahead of the curve, the agency is concentrating on strengthening its senior leadership team – they have recently onboarded a Head of People, a strategic move ensuring the growth, learning, and development of the team.

And co-founders Emily and Nick Cranwell are also looking to create new goals, as the agency has already started to hit targets in a few short years. Emily shared: “We’ve almost hit our target a few years ahead of our expectations, so what’s the next goal? Where do we want to take the business in the next four years?

“And that’s an exploration that Nick, my co founder and I are working on. We’re getting some support from business coaches to really make sure that we’re thinking with some ambition but also thinking, where we want to take business in terms of what industries, what services, and how we want to be perceived.”

We always say that we probably don’t shout very loud about what we’re doing, so it was quite nice to see that we actually are getting recognised

Emily Proctor

And with the industry’s ever-evolving nature, especially in paid search and organic search domains, the team’s keen eye on advancements like AI demonstrates their commitment to being leaders rather than followers.

“We’re working on putting in a really sound senior leadership team within the business that can bring a lot of different expertise. So we recognise that, to make that next step, we need to bring a lot of experience into the business,” Emily explained, “We’ve just hired a head of people whose primary job is to look after the team and push forward with their growth, learning and development and making sure that they’ve got all the support they need. Because ultimately, the business is a people business, and we need it all to be working really well for that growth to continue.

“And then we’re always looking at how we can be more innovative on the channels we manage. So we specialise in paid search and organic search, which are always evolving and I think really looking at things like AI and where we can stand out against the competition and make sure that we’re at the forefront of those channels and that we are leading rather than following.”

The Green Ginger Digital team

And as the team approaches the peak retail season, their main goal is to surpass targets, ensuring they support their clientele. With plans to refocus and propel forward come January, the agency is all geared up for another remarkable year, full of team and knowledge growth.

Emily added: “I think it’s keeping that fire and that ambition, and the energy really, it takes a lot of energy to keep keep pushing forward.

“Just making sure that we take our clients through a brilliant peak is important. We work with a lot of retailers, we’re coming up to the next three months being the biggest revenue months for them. And it’s a lot of, ‘how can we excel?’ ‘How can we beat the targets?’ and just make sure that we were there to support them through the next three months.

That’s, that’s our biggest goal – weathering the peak, and then I think it’s a bit of a reset come January, and then push forward, looking always for new ways to be able to support clients and work with them – growing the team’s knowledge really is a big focus for us next year.”

In an industry where staying ahead is crucial, the Green Ginger Digital team is proving their continuous drive to stand out and stay ahead of the game. And if their past is any indicator, the future looks exceedingly bright for this independent digital powerhouse.

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