Charlie Marchant Appointed as Exposure Ninja’s New CEO

6 months ago

Charlie will be leading the agency to even bigger growth in 2024 in her new role as CEO

Exposure Ninja has appointed a new CEO as part of its ambitious growth plans in 2024.

Charlie Marchant, who has previously held the role of COO at the agency for over six and a half years, will be leading the team in the new year. She has worked with industry heavyweights including Siemens, CHAS, and Spirax Sarco and during her time as COO, led the agency expansion into branding services.

The seasoned professional also increased company revenue by 244%.

And under her guidance, Exposure Ninja achieved B Corp certification in May 2023, showcasing the agency’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility. 

Charlie Marchant is moving from COO to CEO

The appointment of Charlie follows significant efforts in promoting diversity and gender equality within Exposure Ninja’s leadership. Recent statistics from March 2023 reveal that 63.60% of the agency’s management team identifies as female. Moreover, 54.55% of the management team falls under Exposure Ninja’s definition of ‘under-represented social groups,’ considering factors beyond gender, such as individuals who have lived and grown up in lower-income areas. 

The agency won a stack of industry awards in 2023 for its SEO and PPC campaign successes, including three Global Search Awards. Charlie explained: “We’re relentlessly focused on driving results through search for our clients at Exposure Ninja and continue to be at the cutting edge of SEO.

  • “We’re expecting significant disruption in the industry as Google rolls out its new SGE results. We’ve run innovative tests and experiments to figure out SGE ranking factors to bolster search positions for our clients. We’ve found a set of ranking factors for SGE and have successfully got content ranking in the carousel.

“Whilst the rest of the industry panics, we’re confident in our search expertise.”

The appointment follows renowned Founder-CEO Tim Cameron-Kitchen’s decision to step out of the day-to-day running of the agency as he pursues the expansion of the Shinobi Group. Tim is best known for his best-selling book, How To Get to the Top of Google, and YouTube stardom as an authority in search marketing. Tim plans to continue involvement in Exposure Ninja’s running and marketing.

She’s had an immense impact on Exposure Ninja already and is a fantastic role model for the team

Tim Cameron-Kitchen

Tim Cameron-Kitchen said: “Having spoken to her about her vision for the company, it’s clear that Charlie will make a great leader. She’s had an immense impact on Exposure Ninja already and is a fantastic role model for the team who have thrived working with her.

“I can’t wait to see the next level of Exposure Ninja’s growth with Charlie in the CEO position.”

In the new role, Charlie will lead the agency’s ambitious growth strategy, including continued expansion of their US operations. This will include their industry-leading innovation and experimentation in search, and development of creative services that maintain a core focus on generating ROI for clients.

Charlie Marchant and Tim Cameron-Kitchen discuss Charlie’s move to the CEO role in a YouTube video interview released on Exposure Ninja’s channel. 

Charlie’s own take on her promotion to CEO can be read in her blog post on the Exposure Ninja website.

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