Bodo Braun Leads Everii into New Horizons with helloHQ’s UK Launch

5 months ago

Everii Group’s CEO thinks HelloHQ is perfect for the creative UK agency landscape

Most people are content with being a master of one trade – happy even, to know they have been successful in one sector.

But Everii Group‘s CEO, Bodo Braun is not.

In fact, he is constantly on the look out for new and exciting ways to keep himself on his toes. And this curious nature has led him to a long and fascinating career, all leading up to being the CEO of software company, Everii, which has become a leader in the German-speaking market.

Everii’s success lies in its ability to offer tailored solutions for agencies of all shaped and sizes – the team has a suite of solutions ready to help businesses run for efficiently and streamline clunky processeses.

And now Bodo and his team are focused on bringing their game-changing ERP system, helloHQ to the UK for agencies all over to use.

HelloHQ in the UK


helloHQ’s UK launch is not just a business expansion for Everii but a commitment to enabling creative agencies to achieve their full potential with the right technological tools and support.

Everii’s decision to enter the UK market is driven by its admiration for the dynamic and innovative agency scene. And the company sees enormous potential in partnering with UK agencies, helping them streamline operations and foster growth.

helloHQ is designed to address common pains in the agency world, such as time tracking, project management, and accounting. Recognising the challenges faced by creative agencies, particularly in managing backend operations, HelloHQ offers an automated solution to simplify these processes, allowing creatives to focus on what they do best.

The product’s entry into the UK market comes after its successful deployment in German-speaking regions, where it has already garnered a user base of over 60,000 across 2,500 agencies.

Michael Wallace, leading the team in the UK, emphasises Everii’s commitment to building trust and offering value. Unlike traditional sales approaches, the team actually focuses on understanding each agency’s unique requirements, offering free consultancy to identify opportunities for optimisation and cost savings.

That’s why I’m always trying to go on a new adventure even if I probably start off uncomfortable

Bodo Braun

A key part of the success of helloHQ in Germany and other European markets, according to Bodo, is teamwork and trust. He knows his team have worked tirelessly to create this gold standard of ERP systems.

  • He shared: “Jurgen Klopp said once: ‘I’m nothing without my colleagues. I am nothing without the people around me who are experts in their area, and who I am not to listen to them.’

“This is something which really hits deep with me. When I look at my career and look at my life, that was always the case. To trust people and to be able to say ‘I’m not the biggest Gorilla in the room, I’m just the flower like the others in the room and if we grow together, we will have a beautiful area.'”

The Making of a CEO: A Diverse Background

Bodo’s journey is far from typical. He started out studying for ‘longer than his parents expected’ and moving to Barcelona from his hometown of Stuttgart, Germany to study for a year and a half.

He then was given the opportunity to work with McKinsey for two years, working on international government projects. After a successful time with the company, he met his wife and moved back to his home country, where he began working for ProSiebenSat.1, a major media company.

Bodo said: “I think that was the restart of my career. When I started they had 0.9 points in the stock market when I left it was 53. This is not all my own achievement of course – but it was the first time where I saw what can happen if you have a good team around you. You can really succeed and have a brilliant job.

“I went to Hollywood, negotiated with ITV, the BBC all of this amazing stuff but after eight or nine years I wanted to be my entrepreneur.”

So he started his own business, and then another one when he was looking for another challenge.

After successfully building a prefabricated housing brand for five years, Bodo was looking for a new challenge – which led him right to Everii.

  • “It’s not so much the topic you work in. When you see guys working for 30 years in the same area, I think they lose the ability to develop and stay on the edge. And that’s why I’m always trying to go on a new adventure where I probably do start off uncomfortable, because I need to read a lot about software, SAS product, how you code, how you run agencies, all this stuff.

“But that’s what makes life so great, that you have the possibility to, to develop all the time.”

Bodo’s journey from a media executive to the CEO of a leading software company is a testament to his adaptive leadership and entrepreneurial spirit. His move to expand Everii to the UK is not just a business decision but a step towards being part of a vibrant creative ecosystem.

Bodo’s story is one of continuous learning, adaptability, and a deep-seated belief in the power of teamwork and innovation.

If you are interested in learning more about Everii and HelloHQ, click here. There is always a member of the team happy to discuss what they can offer you and your agency.

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