ASK BOSCO® Aims to Answer All Your Data Questions This October

8 months ago

ASK BOSCO are holding the exclusive event in London next week

ASK BOSCO® says that in the last decade, data has been compared to ‘the new oil’ because of how valuable it is.

But the Agency Hackers member also recognises that so many organisations struggle to make sense of the sheer amount of data that they have at their finger tips. And if you find yourself in this exact situation, then don’t worry – ASK BOSCO® Live is taking place next week with the aim to address all the data problems you may be having!

Taking place in London on Thursday 19 October between 2.30pm and 5pm, the in-person event will give attendees exclusive and invaluable insights from industry leaders and organisations that have really mastered how to use data to find success. Speakers from all across the industry will be highlighting the essential digital metrics agencies should be focusing on and giving guidance on what data is the kind of data you need to drive growth.

And following an afternoon of insightful discussions, you will be able to network and meet likeminded people with some drinks and nibbles.

CEO and Founder of ASK BOSCO®, John Readman said: “As data continues to flood your organisation, you’re probably finding yourself struggling to make sensible decisions with the amount of data overload.

“We’re here to help and this event will include:

  • 🔎 Expert Insights: We’ve brought together a team of industry specialists who will share their knowledge and experience in data analytics, digital metrics, and e-commerce. They’ll guide you through the complex landscape of data, highlighting the crucial metrics and data points that matter the most – and what you should be focusing to drive more profit and growth within your business.
  • 📊 Practical Strategies: This event isn’t just about theory. You’ll leave with actionable strategies and techniques that you can implement immediately to drive growth and success in your business. 🧑‍💼
  • Networking: Connect with like-minded professionals, share experiences, challenges, and expand your network. Secure your spot for 19th October, London – and make data your biggest asset For CEOs, business owners, marketing directors, finance directors and anyone looking to make better data-driven decisions, this event is for you.”

The speakers are:

  • Adam Knight from Lunio – Trusting the numbers – is your ad platform data telling you the whole story?
  • Yev Lukash, a D2C online specialist – Navigating the real e-commerce war – a Ukrainian story of e-commerce success
  • Gavin Lowther from Visualsoft – Taking an AI lead on reporting and forecasting as a large agency
  • Emily Hakner and Dr Rosie Beeston from ASK BOSCO® – Using AI reduce your online ad spend and make better, data-driven decisions
  • Luke McDermott from Modo25 – Improve your PPC Quality Scores and SEO visibility through A/B testing your website
  • Diana Golovko – Similarweb Consumer Trends: Performance via Data Signals

The event will take place at the Homegrown Members’ Club, London on Thursday 19 October between 2pm and 5.30pm.

Tickets are limited, so if you are interested in learning more about data, sign up and learn more here.

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