The Agency Growth Event

Friday 12 June 2020 / 1.30 to 5pm / British Library

? We’re still working on the line-up for this event. (C’mon – it’s not until June right?) We’ll have it ready soon.

Join us at Pipeline in July to hear what’s working when it comes to winning a steady flow of business.

Are you sick of puking out your guts on the “feast or famine” agency rollercoaster?

Having a healthy pipeline means you can sleep at night, and you can invest in your agency. Having no pipeline can mean you’re forced to do bad work for terrible people.

So many agencies fall prey to a cycle of work, make money – only to find that once it’s done their pipeline is empty again.

At Pipeline, you’ll hear from agency leaders doing interesting things to keep the work flowing.

What’s the difference?

“We won a client with a £4m media budget from a lunch that cost us £1k”

Jim Hawker says referrals are Threepipe’s best source of new business. We’ll ask him about his system to generate a steady flow of referrals.

Referrals are not exactly the sexiest new business strategy.

But at Threepipe, Jim Hawker has made referrals one of his agency’s best sources of new business.

“People think that relying on referrals is a weakness” says Jim. “But in fact, it’s a strength.”

Referrals convert much better than cold leads. They are insanely valuable… but most agencies leave them completely to chance.

That’s why at Pipeline, we will be asking Jim about his tactical approach to generating referrals. For example:

  • His “constant contact” strategy that keeps Threepipe front of mind with prospects.
  • His agency partnering strategy that helps him reach twice the audience than before

“Last month we picked up a win from somebody who came to one of our lunches two years ago. They have a £4m media budget. That lunch cost us £1,000!”

Where is it happening?

This event takes place at the British Library just by Kings Cross in London. We’re taking over its conference suite – it has a lovely theatre and five breakout rooms. You can hear from the speakers and then go and discuss what you’ve just heard with other agency leaders.

What’s the difference?