This quarter, we’re on a mission to help you and your agencies to strengthen and grow.

The current climate has put many agencies in a tricky situation, but rather than shying away from it, through our next quarters’ worth of content we’ll be inspiring you to fix up, take action and invest in tips and tactics that will go on to really bolster your business.


CEO SUMMIT: Am I Hiring the Right People?

2pm, Tuesday 4th October 2022

  • Have you struggled to confidently build and maintain a strong team?
  • Have you hired the wrong people in a rush to hire talent when you’re feeling the pressure?
  • We’ll be talking about this, and working out how to resolve this issue, in this month’s CEO Summit.

Nail Your Positioning by Going Back to Square One

11am, Wednesday 5th October 2022

  • Have you got an irrefutable position in your market? Are you able to convey exactly what you can offer to clients, and why it is you’re ‘best in show’?
  • Roland Gurney has seen countless of examples of when even the most established agencies have fallen at the first hurdle when it comes to their positioning.
  • He’ll be telling you what NOT to do and how you can get your position in the market just right.


11am, Tuesday 11th October 2022

  • Have you migrated to GA4 yet? What’s new and how does it all work?
  • What issues (if any) have you experienced with GA4 so far?
  • In this month’s Client Services Mastermind, we’ll be talking about this in depth, so make sure to bring your experiences and questions!

“What Today’s Workers Want”

10am, Wednesday 12th October 2022

  • Are you still struggling to find the right team for your agency? You’re not the only one. 
  • However, it could be less to do with the talent that’s out there – and more about what your agency has to offer.
  • In this session, recruitment expert Léon Milns takes you through exactly what today’s workers want from employers, and what you can do to retain the ones you’ve already got.

Do You Treat Your Agency Like a Client?

11am, Thursday 13th October 2022

  • In a bid to keep clients sweet, working on your internal brand can sometimes be neglected.
  • Is it time you started treating your own agency like you would a client?
  • In this session, we’ll be discussing the ways in which you can service your own brand better, just by treating it like you’re being paid to do so. 

HR & PEOPLE MASTERMIND: Who Is Looking Out for YOU?

2pm, Thursday 13th October 2022

  • Do you have wellbeing processes in place for YOUR role in HR?
  • Does your CEO really know what’s going on with their employees?
  • We’ll be talking about how you’re coping with team wellbeing in this month’s HR/People Mastermind.

Raising Funds

11am, Tuesday 18th October 2022

  • If acquisitive M&A is part of your growth plan, where do you start when it comes to raising funds?
  • What options are available to you? Where do you even start? And how do you make this look appealing in a pitch deck?
  • We’ll be joined by Simon Latarche and Miles Welch from Milestone Advisory in this month’s M&A Surgery to answer all your fundraising questions.

OPERATIONS MASTERMIND: How Are You Holding Your Team Accountable?

2pm, Tuesday 18th October 2022

  • How do you successfully hold your team accountable?
  • How can you create a culture that encourages this behaviour? What changes need to be made from the top?
  • We’ll be chatting all this and more in this month’s Operations Mastermind – and it could be a juicy one!

“We Got £120k+ in Grants to Grow Our Agency”

10am, Wednesday 19th October 2022

  • When it comes to investment in your agency, the last thing you’d think of is government grants.
  • For Louise Towler, this couldn’t be further from the truth – and she says it’s simply a case of knowing where to look for this financial help.
  • She’ll be talking us through the local grants and enterprise schemes her agency has benefited from in recent years, and how you can do the same.


2pm, Thursday 20th October 2022

  • How far ahead do you forecast, and what tools do you use to do this? 
  • How do you balance resources with demand? And how do you factor KPI reports into this?
  • We’re talking all things forecasting in this month’s CFO Surgery in this ‘show and tell’ session.

MARKETING AND NEW BIZ MASTERMIND: Securing Speaking Opportunities

11am, Tuesday 25th October 2022

  • What can you do to get yourself or your agency considered as a speaker, and how can you make the most out of a speaking opportunity?
  • Can events like these lead to valuable new business leads?
  • We’ll be discussing the value of speaking opportunities, and how others have secured them, in this month’s mastermind.

Profiling Your Market

2pm, Wednesday 26th October 2022

  • Do you REALLY know which clients you should be targeting?
  • Nate Burke, founder and CEO of Diginius, knows all about how agencies can profile their target market and identify the key people to contact.
  • He’ll be talking us through vertical specialisation and why it’s much more effective than just random referrals and networking.

LINKEDIN MASTERMIND: Building Brand Presence from Scratch

11am, Thursday 27th October 2022

  • Have you built a strong brand presence on LinkedIn, or are you struggling to get your name out there?
  • How can your agency become known as an expert in its field?
  • Whether you think your agency’s social media deserves a bit more TLC, or you’re just starting to build your own personal brand, this is the perfect opportunity to get clued up on how to boost engagement.