Wed 5 Oct 11:00am UK time

• Have you got an irrefutable position in your market? Are you able to convey exactly what you can offer to clients, and why it is you’re ‘best in show’?
• Roland Gurney has seen countless of examples of when even the most established agencies have fallen at the first hurdle when it comes to their positioning.
He’ll be telling you what NOT to do and how you can get your position in the market just right.

Roland Gurney offers agencies a ‘teardown’ service to help them understand exactly where they’re going wrong with their positioning and messaging

Roland Gurney offers agency leaders a ‘teardown’ service. 

He goes through their agency’s website page by page, and tries to understand what they’re about. He then tells them candidly exactly what it is they’re getting completely wrong when it comes to their positioning.

“Sometimes it’s positioning, sometimes it’s messaging, sometimes it’s about the brand,” says the founder of Treacle Copy.

He takes things back to square one to help agency leaders see and understand exactly what they’re missing, and how they can get back on the right track – he even has a scoring system for this.

“It’s right back to the beginning. You can keep sticking plasters on everything, but if you’re badly positioned, it’s obvious,” he says.

Roland will be taking you through all the things he’s noticed as part of his ‘teardown’ service, and what you should be avoiding if you really want to nail your positioning.