Thurs 13 Oct 11:00am UK time

• In a bid to keep clients sweet, working on your internal brand can sometimes be neglected.
• Is it time you started treating your own agency like you would a client?
In this session, we’ll be discussing the ways in which you can service your own brand better, just by treating it like you’re being paid to do so.

Do you treat your agency like you do your clients? Do you work ON your business as well as IN it?

Marketing for your own business isn’t always prioritised as highly as it should be.

Teams get booked up by client campaigns, resources are dedicated to paid work, and employees use their social pages to boost their own personal brand, rather than the one they work for.

But could this lead to you missing out on opportunities that could otherwise grow your agency? 

One way to avoid falling into this trap is to treat your own agency as if it’s a client. Doing so allows you to fine-tune your purpose and brand identity, and presents your business as much stronger and well put together in the eyes of potential new clients. 

However, carving out time to dedicate to something you’re not being paid for can sometimes feel a bit counter-productive to the rest of your team. So how can you convince them it’s worth it?

We’ll be covering all of this and more in a candid discussion about how you might be failing your brand, and what processes you can build into your agency to make sure internal work stops being neglected.